Beautiful WordPress Newsletter Signup Form Made Easy!

Thinking about starting a newsletter for your WordPress website? You can have the groundwork laid in less than an hour with the right tools, and you just landed in the perfect place to get them! Regular email communication is a great way to reach out to your website’s visitors, letting them keep in touch with the pulse of your organization, get excited for what’s ahead, and to build trust in your brand. A WordPress newsletter signup form is the gateway for you to reach your visitors and turn them into fans!

Even if you’re completely new to newsletters, you can craft craft beautiful, brilliant signup forms that will grab your visitors’ attention without a big time and money investment. Build WordPress newsletter signup forms like a pro with Ninja Forms. Let us show you how!

What You Need to Get Started

Yep, that’s it. Just install Ninja Forms and pick up one of our newsletter extensions. Each of those extensions connect you and your forms to a service: MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, and Emma, for example. Each of these newsletter services will store each visitor that signs up via your soon-to-be-created WordPress newsletter signup form. You can then craft regular newsletters to send out to each of them.

Once you’ve chosen one, head to their website and set up an account. The extension you’ve selected will then link your forms to that service. Let’s look at how to get started building your form!

Building Your First WordPress Newsletter Signup Form!

Step 1: Choose Your Newsletter Service

There are a variety to choose from that integrate perfectly with Ninja Forms. Once you’ve chose the one you want, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to that service’s website and set up an account.
  2. Install and activate the Ninja Forms newsletter extension you’ve chosen.
  3. Setup the extension to work with the service. We have comprehensive documentation for each service’s extension if you need a hand with that.

Step 2: Build Your Signup Form!

Open your Ninja Forms builder and put together a short signup form. It’s best to keep things simple; people are more apt to sign up if it’s quick and easy. For this example, I’ve just included a name, email, and submit fields.

wordpress newsletter signup form ninja forms three

Step 3: Link Your Newsletter Service to Your Form

Still in the form builder, click on the Emails and Actions tab and then on the little blue circle in the bottom right of your screen. This will pull open a menu of available actions. Select your extension from that window and a new action will appear in your list of actions!

When you click on that new action, you can adjust its settings. In this example I’m using MailChimp, one of our most popular newsletter service extensions. Setup for each extension at this stage is identical though, so it doesn’t matter which you picked, the steps will be the same as what I’m showing you here!

What we need to do now is to map the fields in the form to your newsletter service; in plain English we’re telling Ninja Forms what data to send and your newsletter service what that data is.

In the List Field Mapping section of the action, I see Email Address and Name, which are the two fields I added to my form. on the left of those fields under List Field Mapping is a little box. That’s our Insert Merge Tag option. Click it and you will see a list of fields from your form. Click the appropriate merge tag for the action field, and it will appear under List Field Mapping. Like so:

wordpress newsletter signup form ninja forms three

Your form and your newsletter service can now communicate! Anyone who submits the form will have their information (name and email) sent to the service you selected. There’s only one thing left to do!

Step 4: Add your WordPress newsletter signup form to a page

Once you have your form ready to go, you have 3 simple options for adding your new WordPress newsletter signup form to any page you choose, anywhere you choose.

Option 1: Shortcode. Close the builder (Publish/Save if you’ve made modifications) and in the dashboard navigate to Forms>All Forms. Here you’ll see each form you have made in one column, and also a shortcode column. You can copy and past that shortcode onto any page to display your form on that page. The form will appear right where your shortcode is pasted.


Option 2: Append a Ninja Form box. Navigate in your dashboard to Pages>[page you want to add a form to]. Open that page and on the right hand sidebar of the page builder you’ll see a box labeled “Append a Ninja Forms”. Select the name of the form you want in that dropdown, and the form will be added to the bottom of that page!

wordpress contact form append a ninja form box in page builder

Option 3: Ninja Forms Widget. Navigate in your dashboard to Appearance>Widgets. You’ll see Ninja Forms Widget listed as an option there. You can choose to place the form of your choice into the sidebar, content top, or content bottom using the widget!

wordpress contact form ninja form widget

That’s It!

Congratulations! You now have a WordPress newsletter signup form on your site. You might be interested now in upping your form’s visibility with these 5 tips to make a fun, eye-catching signup form!

Having a regular newsletter offers a variety of benefits to both you and your readers. As you grow, you’ll likely want to do more, like start segmenting your readers into interest groups and building signup forms that auto-segment users for you. Keeping your communications relevant and interesting is key for a successful newsletter.Whatever it is you want to do, you have the power to do it all easily with Ninja Forms!