Version 2.5 Released – Limit All The Things

We are working extremely hard to release version 3.0 of Ninja Forms. It’s such a huge release that set’s us up to do some really awesome stuff in the very near future. The issue is that there are still support requests, minor fixes, and the occasional feature that we need to get out there so we get slowed down a bit. We’ll keep plugging away at it but while we do, here we go adding limitations. 🙂

Check out the changelog for all the specifics that have been updated in this latest version while below I will just discuss the highlights.

Submission Limiting

While not an extremely complicated feature, it’s one we just haven’t had a chance to add. But one night a couple of weeks ago I decided to just bite the bullet and 15 minutes later it was being tested.

It’s fairly straightforward and only adds two new  options under the Basic Form Behavior Settings of your forms Form Settings.

  1. Limit Submissions – This accepts a number. Once the form is submitted this many times it will not accept any additional submissions. Pretty simple.
  2. Limit Reached Message – This is the message that will be presented instead of your form if the above limit is reached.

That’s all there is to it. I’m sure we will refine some of these settings when we launch 3.0 like adding expiration dates or From > To date restrictions as well.

Field Input Limiting

We’ve had this feature requested many times and it’s usually a very easy javascript solution that is implemented since it wasn’t available directly from Ninja Forms. Kevin finally broke down and added this as a core feature.

This feature adds a couple settings to textboxes and textareas to limit the the number of words or characters that can be entered in the form. Here are the new options you will see.

  1. Limit input to this number – This option lets you set the number of characters or words that should be allowed in this field.
  2. Text to appear after character/word counter – This is the message that shows the limitation. You might add “more characters allowed” for your message to read “30 more characters allowed”.

For all you CSS nerds out there we also add a changing class around that message based on how close they are to the character limit so you can style it through it’s changes.

I hope everyone enjoys 2.5. We’re going to get back to work on 3.0 now.