2 Ways to Collect User Feedback with a WordPress Form

No matter how good you are at something, communication is vital. When it comes to running a blog or a business, however, there is a more valuable lesson: communication and criticism are non-negotiable needs for success. Everyone needs feedback from their audience because that data is crucial to letting you know what works and what doesn’t.

So, how do you get feedback from your content?

What feedback are you looking for? Making sure a support document has clarity? Customer feedback on a recent purchase? Commentary on a blog post? Suggestions for improvements on your writing or a product?

Let us show you how to easily and succinctly collect user feedback with a WordPress form!

1. Build a generalized feedback form

There’s a lot of ways a WordPress form can make life easier. One way they especially excel is making it simple and easy to get feedback from your audience. In a few simple steps you can create a WordPress form for user feedback that can be added to almost any page of your site.

For a feedback form we are going to start from scratch, so from your Dashboard go to Ninja Forms > Add New > Blank Form. You can customize this to fit whatever form of communication you are looking for. Here I’ve used  a name field, a paragraph field, and a submit field. To make my form a little more unique, I went into the settings for the Name and Paragraph field to customize their labels, and made the username a required field.

ninja form built for user feedback
One other thing you may want to set is the character or word limit in your paragraph field. This can help with collecting feedback because it forces the commenters to condense their thoughts into just the most needed information. To set this, go into the settings for the Paragraph field, open the Restrictions section, and set the number to characters you would like to set the field to.

For the record, 4000 characters averages out to roughly 500 words, and a double spaced page of typed text averages around 400 words. Also, if you chose to change your limit from Character(s) to Word(s) you will also want to change TEXT TO APPEAR AFTER COUNTER from Character(s) left to Word(s) left.

Once you satisfied with your fields, name and save your form because it’s time to try them out on a page. Select any form you would like feedback on and from the Edit Page screen select Add Form.

This will open a drop down menu where you can select a form to add to your page.

Once you’ve added the the form to your page, make sure it is properly placed in your editor. If you place it above an image or a line of text, then it will also appear above that image or text in your published page. If you doubt yourself, you can always click the Preview button in the upper right hand corner to check your work.

Once you are happy with your work, save that draft or publish that page! You’re now ready to start getting feedback from your guests!

2. Collect product reviews with a WordPress form

Feedback is great (and needed) but sometimes you also need data that is more measurable than written feedback. Ninja Forms still has you covered with a Star Rating field that is also super easy to use! The Star Rating can be found by selecting Add New Field from any form builder and going to Miscellaneous Fields.

product review with a wordpress form

Once you’ve added the Star Rating to your form, go into the settings for the Star Rating field and make sure it fits your needs. If you want to use my example, I changed the label to Product Rating and upped the default NUMBER OF STARTS value from five to six. Why six? Because I always like to go one step farther.

Make sure the rest of your settings and actions are to your liking and save your WordPress form! It can now be added to any page in the same method described above. Remember, you can always preview a page to make sure it is exactly the way you want it. If you followed my example, then the end result should look something like the below image.

wordpress form for product reviews

There you have it! Two quick and easy ways you can get content feedback using a WordPress form! With either of these two methods you can start collecting data and make your great greater.

What have you found that has helped you get user feedback? Please share below and let us know what paths of communication you find work best.

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