Twilio & ClickSend: Exciting New Extensions for Ninja Forms!


We are thrilled today to introduce Twilio & ClickSend for Ninja Forms! Real-time notification of important form submissions has always been one of the premiere features you enjoy with Ninja Forms. Right out of the box, it’s easy for you to set up email notifications that alert you and key personnel within your organization that a form has been submitted.

Email isn’t always the best way to reach you though, and we realize that. In days past the Text Message Notification extension for Ninja Forms expanded the reach of your notifications, but the technology it leveraged is fading away. We’ve spent the past months since the launch of Ninja Forms 3.0 researching the best way to bring you the cutting edge in real-time form submission communication. We’ve found solutions in Twilio & ClickSend. Come see what they have to offer!

What are the Twilio & ClickSend Services?

twilio & clicksend: twilio official logoTwilio and ClickSend are cloud communication platforms that specialize in integrating voice, video, messaging, data, and authentication services into apps like Ninja Forms. They boast a global network of thousands of wireless and landline carriers in addition to IP networks, so there’s little question that their services can connect to you no matter where you are in the world.

Twilio features app to phone voice communication, even including landlines and VOIP. Their mobile and web SDKs support audio and video calling, text and picture messaging, push notifications, two-factor authentication, and quite a bit more.

twilio & clicksend: clicksend official logoClickSend features a range of services as well. They have a global SMS/MMS & voice network along with transactional email services. Their API supports online faxing and email to fax services, no fax machine needed on either end. They even have a webhook for formating digital data as a printed letter that can be sent out as post- yes, through the mail. That post.

We’re not fully integrating all these features into Ninja Forms yet, but it’s all on the table and we will be receptive to your requests. Let’s look at what you can do with these new extensions for Ninja Forms right now!

Twilio & ClickSend for Ninja Forms

At present, the Twilio & ClickSend extensions are both solutions to replace the now-sunset Text Message Notifications extension. We’ve tapped into their services as the best and most modern way to replicate that functionality. They are far more than just a clone of Text Message Notifications, however.

In the past, text message communication services primarily allowed you to connect to their service by using an email address to access your account (, for example). The carrier would translate a message from email and send it off to the intended recipient as an SMS. That technology is limited in scope and, as we mentioned above, is now fading away as better methods become available.

With the Twilio & ClickSend extensions, you will sign up for service and be given a phone number through them. That phone number integrates with your Ninja Forms, and data is passed from your forms to their service- an actual registered carrier service. Your message is then sent by Twilio or ClickSend via your new phone number just as a message sent from your phone would be. No more translation from email to SMS means much greater reliability and delivery intelligence for you and your organization.

peeking-ninja-300x138In the beginning, we will be tapping into the SMS/MMS services only, but looking into the future there is a lot of potential for expanding into other types of messaging as well. Do you see you and your business wanting more? Your needs are what makes our world go ’round, so let us know! Drop us a line as a feature request in our support channel any time and speak your mind. The more requests we hear, the sooner some of these expanded features will become available.

For now and into the future, enjoy Twilio & ClickSend for Ninja Forms!