Unlock Sign Language Contact Forms Now with Videomail!

Web accessibility. Its importance to the modern web simply cannot be overstated. As the tools and technologies evolve to make the internet more open and the flow of thought and innovation more free, if you’re not taking steps to improve web accessibility, you’re falling behind.

Videomail for Ninja Forms doesn’t just open doors in the Deaf community by making Sign Language contact forms for WordPress a possibility. It allows all of your visitors, guests, and customers to express themselves in more than just words. What is Videomail and how does it work? Let’s explore!

Introducing Videomail: Our Newest Ninja Forms Extension!

Videomail is the brainchild of the most recent Ninja Forms collaborating developer to join our team: Michael Heuberger. As a Deaf developer himself, he recognized the need for a better Sign Language communication tool many years ago. A bet that he could pull off a fully web-based video encoder to fill that need led to the creation of www.videomail.io in 2013.

Its success over the years has led to this new technology spreading out beyond the boundaries of videomail.io to other platforms around the web. We’re thrilled now to announce its arrival in WordPress! Videomail isn’t just a great tool for the Deaf community. It’s hands down the easiest platform for sending video responses in a WordPress contact form, period.

What Does Videomail do?

Videomail allows any user with a webcam to record a video segment, submit it via your WordPress form, and have it emailed to wherever it needs to go.

This all happens right there in the form itself. With the extension activated, you’ll find a new Videomail field in your Ninja Forms builder:

videomail sign language contact form

You can set up the email’s From, To, Subject, and Body right from the field settings. You also get full control of other features like video length, size, and even the countdown time for recording to begin:

videomail sign language contact forms settings

Here’s me trying Videomail in Ninja Forms for the first time. Its frontend design is really simple and straightforward!

At that point the email is sent out with the video. Very user friendly!

Whether you’re in need of Sign Language contact forms for your WordPress website or just want a really fun and easy way to allow users to submit personalized video content, this is your solution. Pick Videomail up today and let your guests express themselves like never before!

Have a Videomail experience to share? Current Videomail user? Share your story in the comments below!

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