Ninja News: It’s Been an Amazing May!

What’s new to Ninja Forms in May? A lot! It’s been an incredibly busy and exciting month for us and hopefully a productive and exciting one for you as well! We have one brand new extension released for the Ninja Forms library. There’s a host of updates to the core plugin + a solid half-dozen of our extensions. There’s also a dozen different pieces of new content for you to explore.

Not least of all, preparation for the official effective date of the GDPR (25 May) has been full steam ahead. GDPR compliance got a lot easier for you this month with a combination of updates to WordPress core + Ninja Forms. If you’ve not seen this yet, be sure to check out our changelog and content sections below!

Without further ado, see for yourself what we’ve been up to this May!

Updates to Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is continually evolving and improving! Here’s some noteworthy samples of what was added and tweaked this month. For a full list, see our changelog on!

  • Removed a fatal error caused by having a WordPress version below 4.9.6.
  • Updated a setting in our submissions to prevent them from being shown in archives created by WordPress.
  • Resolved a bug that was sometimes causing clicks to not register in the admin.
  • Fixed an issue with Date fields and validation
  • Email actions set to plain text will now convert when upgrading from 2.9 to 3.0
  • Added telemetry for database collations
  • Removed an extraneous php warning from forms when a collect payment action is added
  • Field keys will now properly generate when the field label contains non-standard characters
  • Removed the random error text that sometimes appeared on form export.

GDPR specific updates

The GDPR, the EU’s new data rights and privacy legislation, took effect on 25 May. If you serve EU citizens on your website (almost a certainty), you need to be GDPR compliant. You can find more information on GDPR compliance for your WordPress forms on our blog. Here’s the updates we’ve made to Ninja Forms to make compliance easier for you!

  • Individual fields can now be excluded from the store submission action.
  • The delete data request action can now be added to a form, allowing your users to request deletion of their Ninja Forms submissions.
  • The export data request action can now be added to a form, allowing your users to request a record of their Ninja Forms submissions.
  • Added templates for data removal and data export requests.
  • Added a suggested privacy policy content block for the use of Ninja Forms.
  • We’ve updated our Ninja Forms opt-in/opt-out behavior for anonymous usage statistics.

New Additions to the Ninja Forms Add-On Library

We’re working hard to bring you the tools you need to succeed. New add-ons are developed based on user demand, so let us know what else needs to be on our development radar for the future!

This month we are bringing you one brand new addition to the Ninja Forms extension library: Active Campaign!

Active Campaign is a customer relationship managment tool that shines for sales teams that require insightful, intelligent customer relationship management. Integrating WordPress with their CRM service is now a breeze!

Add-on Updates

Like the core plugin, we’re working to make your integrations and add-ons better every day. Here are some highlights from that process this month.

If you are curious about all the changes in a particular add-on, you can always visit the specific add-on’s product page and view the changelog.

New Content

A rich, thriving community of users is no small part of what makes WordPress the world’s greatest CRM. Contributing to that community as and how we can is important to us- we grow only as we all grow. We’ve been ramping up our content production as a centerpiece of that effort in an attempt to provide useful news, tips, and advice to those who can use it. Here’s what we’ve published this month, and keep an eye out for plenty more in the future. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

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