Ninja News: Fabulous New Features for June!

2018, where did you go!? We’re officially halfway through the year as June closes and we gear up for July fireworks! We’ve been busy this month in anticipation of an even busier second half of the year. We’re excited about what we’ve delivered so far, and earnestly hope it’s made your lives easier.

This month we’re proud to announce Ninja Mail, a transactional email service that will make your WordPress forms email far more reliable. We’ve updated Ninja Forms core with some quality-of-life advancements for you. We’ve also given some love to four popular add-ons. Last but not least, the content continues to flow on our blog.

Check out all this and more below, and here’s to a fabulous July too!

Introducing your solution to Ninja Forms email issues: Ninja Mail!

Email can be very frustrating, there’s no doubt about it. One of the most requested support issues for Ninja Forms for a very long time has been with WordPress forms email not being sent. There is finally a very simple solution: Ninja Mail.

We’ve developed this new service just for our Ninja Forms users. By taking responsibility for how your WordPress forms email is sent, you can finally have a high degree of confidence that each and every form notification email will arrive at its intended destination. Every time.

You can access Ninja Mail from within your WordPress dashboard. Just click Ninja Forms and click the banner for Ninja Mail at the top of the page (be sure you’re updated to Ninja Forms 3.3.4 at the very least).

Updates to Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is continually evolving and improving! Here’s some noteworthy samples of what was added and tweaked this month. For a full list, see our changelog on!

  • Fixed some accessibility issues that now makes Ninja Forms fully accessible
  • Store Submission: ‘Except’ section now displays admin label of fields in select list
  • Added new merge tag that will display label of list field option selected
  • Added help text to Value setting of list fields explicitly stating characters that can be safely used there
  • Deleting a field now displays a warning that proceeding will wipe submission data for that field (if and only if submission data for that field exists)

GDPR specific updates

The GDPR, the EU’s new data rights and privacy legislation, took effect on 25 May. If you serve EU citizens on your website (almost a certainty), you need to be GDPR compliant. You can find more information on GDPR compliance for your WordPress forms on our blog. Here’s the updates we’ve made to Ninja Forms to make compliance easier for you!

  • Added a setting within each field (under Advanced) to mark a field as Personally Identifiable Data
  • Added an Anonymize Data setting to the Delete Data Request Action (under Advanced) that will anonymize any field marked as Personally Identifiable Data when a Delete Data Request is fulfilled, rather than deleting it
  • Added a Designated Submitter’s Email Address setting to the Store Submission action to synchronize non-registered users with Delete and Export Data Request actions
  • Remove All Ninja Forms Data (Ninja Forms>Settings) now nukes any remaining 2.x codebase data as well
  • Store Submission action: Added feature “Set Submissions to Expire” that will set submitted data for this form to move to trash after a set number of days from submission

Add-on Updates

Like the core plugin, we’re working to make your integrations and add-ons better every day. Here are some highlights from that process this month.

If you are curious about all the changes in a particular add-on, you can always visit the specific add-on’s product page and view the changelog.

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New Content

A rich, thriving community of users is no small part of what makes WordPress the world’s greatest CMS. Contributing to that community as and how we can is important to us- we grow only as we all grow. We’ve been ramping up our content production as a centerpiece of that effort in an attempt to provide useful news, tips, and advice to those who can use it. Here’s what we’ve published this month, and keep an eye out for plenty more in the future. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

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