Ninja News July Edition: Pancakes, Pickles, and Patchnotes!

Hungry? Here’s some trivia for you to start off your August: July was National Pickle Month, as well as National Pancake month. If you’re a fan of pickles and pancakes but forgot to celebrate through July, here’s your excuse to chow down while you’re hard at work perfecting your WordPress website… maybe just not with both at the same time? 🙂

Pickles and pancakes aside, our team has been hard at work this month, as always, improving the plugin, its extensions, and so much more. This month in review features a host of plugin updates, half-a-dozen extension updates, and a fresh dose of WordPress related content. Take a tour of July with us below!

Updates to Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is continually evolving and improving! Here’s some noteworthy samples of what was added and tweaked this month. For a full list, see our changelog on!

  • Forms can once again be previewed before they have been published (rejoice!)
  • Resolved an issue that was sometimes causing submission expiration to not register properly on publish.
  • The submission expiration setting will no longer accept a negative number as valid input.
  • Fixed a broken image link in the Edit User Profile template.
  • Resolved an issue with the 3.0 conversion process
  • Patched a vulnerability that could allow certain Export Personal Data requests to retrieve unrelated submission data.
  • Min and max values for number fields should once more accept decimal values.
  • Resolved an issue that was sometimes causing a description text block to be output, even if it contained no text.
  • Radio lists should now properly display the default value when using our opinionated styles.

Add-on Updates

Like the core plugin, we’re working to make your integrations and add-ons better every day. Here are some highlights from that process this month.

If you are curious about all the changes in a particular add-on, you can always visit the specific add-on’s product page and view the changelog.

New Content

A rich, thriving community of users is no small part of what makes WordPress the world’s greatest CMS. Contributing to that community as and how we can is important to us- we grow only as we all grow. We’ve been ramping up our content production as a centerpiece of that effort in an attempt to provide useful news, tips, and advice to those who can use it. Here’s what we’ve published this month, and keep an eye out for plenty more in the future. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

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