Ninja Mail: Your Solution to WordPress Forms Email Issues


Are you still struggling with WordPress forms email issues? You’re not alone. The answer you’ve been looking for is finally here.

Email can be very frustrating, there’s no doubt about it. One of the most requested support issues for Ninja Forms for a very long time has been with WordPress forms email not being sent. There is finally a very simple solution: Ninja Mail.

Frustrated by your email notifications not hitting your inbox?

Spent hours troubleshooting why customers and clients aren’t receiving email notifications?

Some of your guests getting email notification on form submission, others aren’t?

There’s now a solution. Stop wrestling with it and finally just fix it!

We’ve developed a new service just for our Ninja Forms users: Ninja Mail. By taking responsibility for how your WordPress forms email is sent, you can finally have a high degree of confidence that each and every form notification email will arrive at its intended destination. Every time.

Make Email Dependable and Easy with Ninja Mail!

Ninja Mail is a project that’s been in the works here for some time. Email dependability and reliability in WordPress has long been an issue for all users. Not just with Ninja Forms, but across the gamut of plugins and services for the world’s most loved CMS.

WordPress email data in general changes hands many times before it’s finally shipped off to the target inbox. That results in multiple places WordPress email can break, and multiple pain points for you, our users.

We knew there had to be a better way to handle things, so we created one!

How does Ninja Mail work?

Ninja Mail works by taking responsibility over your form’s email data from submission to sending. Normally the process looks like this:

  1. Email data is collected in Ninja Forms via form submission
  2. Collected data is passed to WordPress for processing
  3. Processed data is passed to your host (or SMTP/transactional service) to be “packaged” and sent.

WordPress forms email typically depends on your host or a third-party service to send it to its destination (Step 3 above). They act as a middleman between you and the party receiving the email. Not surprisingly, that’s where the vast majority of email issues arise. Hosts are not well equipped to handle email. Even SMTP/transactional services aren’t tailor-made to handle your WordPress forms email.

Ninja Mail is tailor-made to handle your WordPress forms email. It has been hand-crafted to deliver the best possible dependability and reliability for your WordPress forms email, period. We cut out the middleman and take over email delivery for you so that your email notifications get where they need to go every time!

Right now your Ninja Forms email is all the service will handle (other WordPress email will process normally). However, we’re looking to upgrade this in the future to make Ninja Mail capable of handling all your WordPress email!

Note for the more technically savvy: Ninja Mail replaces PHP mail(), taking the handoff from wp_mail() itself and sending without the need for a third party.

Where can I find Ninja Mail?

You’ll find Ninja Mail right at home in your WordPress dashboard. Just click into Ninja Forms>Dashboard and you’ll see an announcement banner at the top of the page. Do make sure you’re updated to Ninja Forms 3.3.4 at the very least.

ninja mail signup banner in wordpress dashboard

Just click the banner and you’ll begin the signup process!

Easy to sign up, ZERO setup

Ninja Mail is a $5/mo (USD) per-site subscription service that can be joined just by clicking the announcement banner in your dashboard. There’s a 14-day free trial and you’re free to cancel anytime.

There’s literally no setup process. We handle everything. All you need to do to get started is:

  1. Click the banner & then click Signup for Ninja Mail Now
  2. Create a account or login with your existing one
  3. Enter payment details

With that done you’ll be back in your dashboard with Ninja Mail installed. It’s that easy. Return to anytime to manage your subscription or view your email log.

Get started today and never worry about email again!

We know how frustrating email can be for you. Ninja Mail is our answer to one of the greatest pains our users have expressed to us over the years. We really hope this makes life easier for you, and value your feedback as you test and use Ninja Mail yourself.

You’ll find the comments below! What questions do you have about Ninja Mail?