Ninja Forms now offers Extension Bundles

Two bundles to be exact.

Both of these bundles include all of the extensions developed by the creators of Ninja Forms with the User Bundle providing a single site license for each and the Developers Bundle, unlimited.

Why we love extensions

The reasons are too numerous to get into all of them in this post. One of the major issues Ninja Forms tries to solve is giving users only the powerful functionality they need at the time they need it and allowing them to add more features as their needs change and evolve. This has been wildly successful as a majority of our users only need 1 to 3 of our extensions to carry out their vision for their websites. This means using Ninja Forms even with some amazingly powerful features is very affordable for a general user.

If you love extensions so much then why the bundles?

The reason is simple really. It helps us bridge the gap between the single user just looking for a feature or two on their one website and the power user, developer, or agency who may want to have access to all of our extensions for current and future projects.

Ninja Forms is extremely affordable when you need only one or two paid extensions but if you want a bunch of extensions it get’s a bit more expensive. Rightly so, these extensions take a great deal of time to develop, keep up to date, and support. We wanted to create a way for these heavy users to be able to use Ninja Forms in as a cost effective way as possible. Bundles allow us to accomplish just that.

Many have asked and now they’re here. Bundles make Ninja Forms an affordable solution for absolutely every type of user. From the single site user who needs just one extension to the developer or agency who needs access to all of them.

We hope you enjoy them. More great news to come around the corner.