Ninja Forms 3.1 is Live, Come See What’s New!


Ninja Forms 3.1 marks the first major version change to our 3.0 codebase since it launched back in fall of last year. Since then we’ve been gradually improving with incremental changes as we went, but the time has come for more. With your help, we’ve identified a few items that needed a higher level of personal attention and set about to improve them. Namely: merge tags and calculations.

Your feedback on these systems (and all others!) has been incredibly informative and helpful! We appreciate every word of encouragement and criticism you’ve sent our way. Based on your feedback, we’ve made one big change: a complete overhaul of our merge tag system, and one little one to calculations. That’s not all though- we’re very happy to introduce the new Ninja Forms Dashboard as well! What’s that? Let’s look!

The Ninja Forms Dashboard

Gone is the All Fields options from under Forms in your WordPress dashboard! In its place is Dashboard, the new “home page” for all things forms in WordPress. From the Dashboard you can select a form to work on, begin a new one, or search your list of forms for the one you need using the new Dashboard search feature. You can also access Ninja Forms settings, our new Apps and Integrations feature, and our membership portal here.

This may not sound like much now, but it’s going to evolve quickly. We have big plans for the Ninja Forms Dashboard that we’re not quite ready to share, but we think you’ll love it. This is step one on that journey.

ninja forms 3.1 dashboard feature

Upgraded Merge Tags

ninja forms 3.1 new merge tag modal windowFeedback on the merge tag system we introduced in 3.0 has been resoundingly positive. We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to make your lives and workday easier with this feature. Also based off your feedback however, we realize our first run at the merge tag system has left a lot to be desired. The lack of a real UI for a system that really needs one, the inability to search available merge tags, the inflexibility of the {field:all_fields} tag… definite room for improvement.

As of Ninja Forms 3.1, our merge tag system now has its own user interface to give you full control of the system’s potential from a single location. That location is a discrete modal window that opens only when you need it- interact with anything relevant to merge tags, and it’s there for you. Within this new modal merge tag UI is the ability to select merge tags by category, by search, or simply by browsing an organized list of available options.

The {field:all_fields} merge tag has been retired and is no longer selectable under the new UI. However, all of your forms that are currently using it will continue to function normally! It’s being phased out in favor of two new options:

  • {all_fields_table} will display every form field irrespective of status, meaning this tag will show Hidden fields, empty fields, fields obscured by Conditional Logic, etc
  • {fields_table} will display user visible fields only and will not display empty fields, meaning placing this in an email notification for example will only return fields the user has entered data into!

Smarter Calculations

This is a small change, but hopefully one that will make a big improvement to your workflow. 3.1 introduces a new setting by which you can easily set the displayed decimal value of the calculation. It defaults to the hundredths place, or .00, but is totally configurable. Behind the scenes we’ve also made a number of performance enhancing changes and bug changes that ought to make for a generally improved user experience.

What are your thoughts on Ninja Forms 3.1? We miss anything you were really hoping to see? Let us know! Your feedback here and in our support queue is incredibly valuable and helps shape the direction of Ninja Forms into the future!