Integrate MailChimp Interest Groups Now with THREE!

Ninja Forms THREE has a smorgasbord of new features sprinkled throughout its landscape. You’ll run into a bunch of them as you peruse what’s new and go about your usual ninja business. We’ll do our best to highlight the most interesting ones here on the blog, too! One I’d like to bring to your attention today is the ability to integrate your MailChimp Interest Groups directly into your forms now. No more sorting signups after the fact!

You’ve always been able to easily build your Mailchimp Lists via your Ninja Forms with our very neat MailChimp extension. If you use Interest Groups to further sort your lists though, having to add people manually is a drag. No more! Read on and we’ll take a look at integrating your Ninja Forms with your MailChimp Interest Groups!

Integrating MailChimp Interest Groups

You’ll need the following to make this happen:

Make sure you have your MailChimp plugin installed, activated, and the API key in place. I’m assuming that you already have your Interest Groups and Lists sorted out in MailChimp, but if not they have easy to follow documentation on adding Interest Groups. Once that’s done we can get started!

Step 1: Add your MailChimp action

  1. Click Emails & Action at the top of your form
  2. Click the circular blue icon in the bottom right of the form builder window to bring out the actions window
  3. Add the MailChimp Action by clicking the MailChimp icon

mailchimp interest groups mailchimp action

Step 2: Map your List to your form

Click the new MailChimp action in the builder to open its settings window. In that settings window take a look at List Field Mapping. This is the information that will be sent to MailChimp, and you need to tell MailChimp which fields in your form contain that info.

Click the little icon  on the right of each field to bring up the Insert Merge Tag popup. Select the appropriate form field to map that field to MailChimp. I’ve selected my form’s email field to be sent to MailChimp as the submitter’s email address, and the name field of the form to be sent to MailChimp as the user’s first name.

Your form is now synced to your MailChimp List!

mailchimp interest group list syncing

Step 3: Choose your Interest Groups for this form

Now that we’ve synced the form to the List of your choice, let’s enable interest groups. You may have noticed them already, just below the List Field Mapping of the action settings window. To sort the submitters of this list into Interest Group 1, just click the button to the left of group 1. That’s all there is to it!

mailchimp interest groups toggle

Letting the User Select Specific Interest Groups Only

So you know how to set up MailChimp Interest Groups now, but you can take this a step further. What if you wanted to let the user choose what interest groups they’re interested in? You can do that pretty easily with Conditional Logic!

Let’s add a radio list field to your form that the user can select the group of their choice from. Here’s our form now:

mailchimp interest groups conditional selection form demo

We have 3 radio list options now that we can sync to the appropriate Interest Group. We’ll set this up with Conditional Logic so that the user is only added to the groups they choose!

To pull this off, you’ll need a different MailChimp action for each possible non-redundant combination of choices. That’s not as many as it may sound. In our example here we have 3 options to choose from. Your possible non-redundant combinations would be 1, 2, 3, 1 & 2, 1 & 3, and 2 & 3. So you’ll need 6 total actions. Just add the additional actions in the same manner as you added the first and let’s look at the conditional processing we’ll need.

Go again to Emails and Actions and click on the first MailChimp action. We’ll set this one to handle just one interest group. I’m going to turn on Acme Group 1 for this action, and then note the Conditional Logic option in the window that has appeared now that we have Conditional Logic activated. Expand that, select the radio list (here titled “Which Acme Groups are you interested in?”), “has selected”, and “Acme Group 1” like so:

mailchimp interest groups conditional processing


That’s it. For the actions that need to be a combination of two options, let’s say 1 & 3, you just turn both groups on via the button and add another condition to the processing:

mailchimp interest groups conditional processing

And now you know! (and knowing is half the battle, right? 🙂 )

We hope you find THREE absolutely loaded with useful options and features. We’ve certainly had a time around the offices over the last year hashing out what we could pull off for this release. If you want to see an expanded blog post on any particular feature, do not hesitate to say as much in the comments below. Thanks for reading and good luck growing those lists!