Lesson Five – Establishing Trust

Data has become universal currency. Governments want it, businesses want it, social media companies want it. Who do you trust with your data? That’s becoming an increasingly conscious concern that many people visiting your site right now have in the back of their minds.

Your forms are asking people to part with their personal data, hand it over to you. How you present yourself through your forms is an increasingly important factor in how many people are going to fill yours out!

Adding Trust/Security Elements to a Ninja Form

Privacy statements, trust elements, security emblems, and any other peripheral you can imagine can be added to any form with the use of 1 simple field: the HTML field. As an example, let’s say you wanted to add a TRUSTe emblem to a payment form to indicate your website is TRUSTe certified.

Add an HTML field to your form:


Open the HTML field settings:


Drag and drop your TRUSTe seal into the rich text editor, and then preview your form. You’ll see the emblem in the location that you placed the HTML field!

Easy to implement Privacy Statements and Terms of Service Agreements

In an increasingly complex world of personal data protection and rights, these have become practically mandatory for any legitimate business. Depending on where you live, you may not be legally compliant without a privacy statement at the very least.

While yours could technically live in an HTML field on your form, that’s probably not a good idea. Instead, use the HTML field to add a hyperlink to the page where yours lives with a bit of supporting text around it. You can even add a checkbox asking for acknowledgement that it’s been read, and make it required. That’s cumbersome for most cases, but it’s a much more efficient method for cases where this is simply a requirement.

This is an example section of a GDPR compliant newsletter signup:

This is simply a couple HTML fields (for the text) and a checkbox list field. Looking professional doesn’t mean hiring a developer 🙂

For those interested in GDPR compliance…

There are a host of options baked into Ninja Forms that leverages WordPress’ native GDPR features, making compliance a breeze. Give users a front-end, user-facing way to collect data deletion or export requests, mark fields as PII, anonymize data, and much more. If GDPR compliance is important to you, read more here.