Lesson Three – Building a Form Visitors WANT to Submit!

You form has to stand out in the crowd to get the attention it needs!

When you see a lot of something, your brain stops paying attention to it. The web is absolutely chock full of forms. They’re everywhere, like part of the background landscape of the internet. How many do you think you pass by every day? How many actually make it onto your conscious radar? Bet there’s a big difference in those two numbers! Here’s how to get noticed using Ninja Forms!

Don’t blend in. Fabulous forms are easy to design and will get you noticed much more often!

To really jazz up your form with images, customizable heading text, videos, and more, check out the humble HTML field!


It has a bit more going on when you look at its field settings:


And the real power comes from the rich text editor options. You can set header text, customize your text further with styling and alignment, and add links, images, video, and more. All of this displays on the front end. For example, this:


Becomes this on the front end:


And with a little help from the Ninja Forms Layout and Styles extension can become this:


…and that’s just a 5 minute mock up!

Speak to your audience! Default settings are for default (and invisible) forms!

“Submit” is a very passive term. It just sort of sits there. Call out to your audience to perform the task you want them to complete- Sign Up Now! Register Today! Get Your Free Whatever!

Beyond that, speak your audience’s language. Running a promo that historically favors a geographical region? Your Submit button doesn’t have to be in English just because you’re based in the States! Try switching it up sometimes. People appreciate the more personalized touch and will be more inclined to engage.

Don’t know much about your audience? Be sure to pay close attention for Part 4 in your inbox!

Personalizing the submit button is fantastically easy. Just pop open the Submit field settings window:


…and you can play around with your submit button. Changing the Label field will rename the button for the user; for example it’s how I styled the Submit button in the Halloween screenshots above “Sign Up Now!”

You can also change the processing text that appears when the user clicks submit to show that the form is processing. Just change the text in the Processing Label field.

To really get into the nitty gritty of submit button styling, you need Layout and Styles. That adds the STYLES menu at the bottom of the screenshot above. Expand it and you have many more options at your disposal, such as the Wrap, Label, Element, and Element Hover styles options in which you can adjust color, borders, dimensions, font size, margins, float, and much more.