Introducing Save Progress for Ninja Forms 3.0!


Save Progress for Ninja Forms 3.0 is finally ready and available for download! It’s taken forever, we know, and we’re sorry. When we sat down to look at our extensions one by one to upgrade them to 3.0 compatibility, it quickly became apparent that a simple compatibility upgrade for Save Progress wasn’t going to cut it. We knew we could do a lot better than the old version offered, and so we set about to unlock the potential we saw in this extension.

That’s taken us a while, but we think you’ll find it well worth the wait. If you’re not familiar with Save Progress, the general idea is in the name, and that general idea is about all the older extension had to offer. With Save Progress 3.0 however, we’ve opened a new world of functionality: allowing users to save and load multiple save states, the ability to tie actions like success messages and email notifications to the save feature, local browser caching, and more!

Let Users Save (and Load!) Their Progress

No brainer, right? The meat and potatoes of Save Progress is now introduced to a form via the new Save field:

save user progress save field

Drop one of those onto any form and it translates to a Save button for logged-in users on the front end. What’s more, when the user returns to the form they can load not just their last save via the Save Progress widget (that only appears if save states are present for that user), but if they have multiple save states they can choose the one they want.

save progress saved table


Trigger Custom Actions on Save!

Want to fire off an email notification to a user or team member when a save state is created? Present a success message? Sign up a user to MailChimp or other service with the saved info that’s already present? Start a chain of events using Conditional Logic from the save? Ping another service through Zapier? The possibilities are now practically limitless.

Save Progress 3.0 implements the ability to set any action under Emails & Actions to fire when the user hits the Save button.

save user progress save toggle

Easily Manage Save States and Convert to Submissions

Users disappear sometimes, but their submitted data doesn’t have to. You can now convert partially completed save states to full submissions. Saved states no longer appear in your submissions table otherwise, but they’re not gone!

save user progress view saves button under forms>Submissions

We’ve added another area to the submission management page that allows you to view each save for every user for any given form. If you know the user isn’t going to come back around, you can move it to your submissions table from there with a single click.

Enable Local Browser Storage

What if your users can’t log in? No problem! You can now enable local browser storage and use cookies to save the state of the form when the user navigates away. As long as the cookie comes back with the user (read: unless they clear cookies or use a different browser) when they return to the form it will be just as they left it before!

save progress enable local browser storage

Are You a Current Save Progress User?

The upgraded Save Progress is so different functionally that we had to rebuild completely from the ground up. For you, that means your old copy is ready for retirement (we will continue to support the old version for 1 year from launch of the 3.0 version). Instead of running a normal plugin update, you’ll need to follow the conversion documentation found here. If you need any help or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We apologize for the added inconvenience of having to reconfigure your forms carrying a save feature, but you’ll be happy you took the time after you start using it. For those of you not using it yet, what are you waiting on? Go grab Save Progress today and watch your form conversions go sky high!

75% discount on User Management for Existing Save Progress Users

We’ve removed the Register/Login feature from the 3.0 version of Save Progress. Why? It’s a process handled much better and in a far more robust fashion through a dedicated extension new to Ninja Forms: User Management. User Management allows you to register new users to your WordPress website, log them in, and allow them to update their profiles using forms of your own design or one of our handy pre-made templates.

If you are an existing Save Progress user, you should have received an email from us with the required promo code. If you didn’t please let us know!

Check out User Management and claim your discount on checkout!