Introducing MailChimp for Ninja Forms

We are completely ecstatic to announce this Extension for several reasons.

It’s our first Third-Part Developer Extension

On Friday we posted about our Ninja Forms Developer Resources with a call to other developers to take a stab at writing there own extensions. We posted it in various locations including Twitter where we got this response…

Pippin is an excellent and well respected WordPress Developer. He is the creator of Easy Digital Downloads and you can also check out more of his great work at his website

It was well received

We’ve worked really hard to make Ninja Forms as user friendly and as flexible as possible but it’s still a little tense when someone else digs into your code. We’ve found the WordPress community to be very gracious but no one wants to hear that someone they respect doesn’t like what they’ve produced. We’ll take fantastic any day.

Proven very developer friendly

As you can see by the time stamp Pippin was able to bang out the MailChimp extension is just over an hour. That is no doubt in part because Pippin is a phenomenal developer and well versed with MailChimp. We’d like to think that it’s also because Ninja Forms was built in such a way that developers easily create admin settings, register new fields and new field options, and hook into the the display and processing of any form.

All that said, get the MailChimp Extension by Pippin Williamson for Ninja Forms today!