6 Ways to Boost Traffic & Generate Leads in WordPress

Early on there always are some common growing pains that every website admin feels while learning to boost traffic and generate leads in WordPress. You buy your site. Develop your site. Make your site public. You tell your family. Your friends. You post about your site on every form of social media you can get your hands. You make new content. Post new content. You study your content data daily to see what is working and what is not, but…eventually…your numbers start to stall out. As growth stalls, so do new leads for your product or service.

It’s a common issue. You exhaust your circle of influence in your friends and family and they in turn (because they wuv you) have exhausted their circle of influence. Unfortunately, wuv alone doesn’t put food on the table or pay the bills. Studies have shown that 75% of people who find your site through search engines will never see it again.[1] To generate leads in WordPress, you have to get get creative and get traffic flowing again. The question is: How?

1: Build Up the Conversation

The one thing everyone has is an opinion. That just also happens to be the one thing everyone can share, so cultivate that conversation and get people talking. One great tool for any website admin is a comments section. Comments build engagement and, as a bonus, get users coming back to continue their conversation. People like to feel a part of something and that they have contributed to it. Even better, once a conversation has been established, it creates a sense of ownership for the guest. They want to return because they feel like they have helped to create something.

Foster community and dialog in your comments section. Participate. Adding comments does add another layer of management to your site, but its returns make it worth while. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry. WordPress has a ton of plugins to help out.

2: Create a Subscription List

generate leads in wordpress with mailchimp subscription lists

MailChimp for Ninja Forms, for the uninitiated 🙂

So, you’re making some great content and getting lots a good comments. Great!…but how are you going to let your guests know when there is something new? It may seem obvious, but everyone needs to create a subscription list of their guests. This gives you an option for reaching out to your guests and to be proactive.

More so, when a new guest visits your site it gives you a chance to make sure they don’t forget about you. What’s a good way to get new visitors engaged and motivated to join? Check out point Four below! Also take a look at our other articles about How to Build an Email List in WordPress.

3: Don’t Let Them Leave… Sort of

Are you ready for a profound statement? I think you’re ready for a profound statement. People won’t see your site after they leave your site. Boom. Genius. Ok, so again that’s pretty obvious, but it’s true. Keeping people on your site is an important step in generating leads. The longer you can keep guests attention the better hope you have at making a lasting impression. That’s easier said than done.

Often times people pretty mindlessly browse the internet, and when its not mindless then it’s point by point driven. It’s a, “I found what I need now it’s time to leave,” mentality. Adding a popup to your site can remind guests that your site has been helpful and can be further help in the future. It yanks them out of their autopilot browsing and makes them think a little longer about what they are looking at and doing.

Take a look at our article over How to Create a Popup Form and explore how it could work for you. (Psst. You can also make a popup to only activate when a guest is about to leave your page asking them to subscribe.)

4: Use a Magnet! (Not a Real Magnet)

A Lead Magnet is a fancy way of labeling a special offer for your guests. It can be anything from a coupon for 20% off to a give away like an eBook or an exclusive PDF. You don’t always have to give it away for free- use it like a carrot. Want more newsletter subscribers? Free PDF if you sign up. Need more registered users? give away an ebook in installments after registering. Need to generate more sales by the end of the month? 20% off coupon in you spend x or more today.

Ninja Forms makes it easy to use lead magnets anywhere you have a form. Just send whatever as an email attachment on form submission, or redirect to a download page!

5: Make Time a Factor

Another great option is to create a sense of urgency. Placing limits on what you are offering can create a surge in subscriptions by making it a competition. Let you readers know that only the first ten will be accepted for [insert option here], or that the first 30 subscribers will receive a 20% off coupon. Using Ninja Forms, you can can place a limitation on how many times a form can be submitted. In the Form Builder, navigate to Advanced then Restrictions. Just make sure you properly communicate to your guests that it is a limited offer to make sure you gain subscriptions instead of lose them.

6: Use People Power

When it comes to publicity, social media is your friend. We already talked about how important it is to start a conversation through comments. Social media gives you the chance to invite others into the conversation as well. Moreso, when you give guests the option to share your content through social media, you are opening up your site to social circles you might not normally have access to.

However, convenience is a factor. It’s important to make sharing as easy as possible. Fortunately, WordPress has plugins specifically made just for that. Combine sharing on social media with the above strategies and you have a great formula to boost traffic and generate leads in WordPress.

Follow these steps and you’ll see results fast!

There you have it. Six fast and easy methods to generate leads in WordPress. Have you found success in something not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments (Hey look. I’m building conversation!), and be sure to share what you have found hasn’t worked as well!

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