Four New Extensions Released

We’re always working to improve the Ninja Forms experience, and one of the biggest ways that we can improve is to release more add-ons that allow for more integrations and customisation. This week, we released four new Ninja Forms extensions: WebMerge, Emma, Help Scout, and Excel Export.

Existing Bundle Customers

If you have a Membership Bundle, these exciting extensions are already in your account! If you have a Developer or User Bundle, WebMerge, Emma, and Help Scout have all been added to your account. Download away!



This awesome service lets you populate PDFs, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slideshows with any type of data. You can upload your own docs and fill in the relevant sections, or start from scratch on their site. Do you need a PDF on your company letterhead with specific fields, like Name, Address, Email, etc. filled in? WebMerge is exactly what you need. The Ninja Forms integration lets you send any of your form data to be merged into a document. Check out for more info on their services.



Emma is a great way to send stylish newsletters, track email marketing, and increase conversions from email campaigns.  Our new integration lets you sign your users up for newsletters, provide an opt-in, add them to groups, add groups to your audience. You can get more information about Emma from


Help Scout

Help Scout is a rising star in the world of customer service; they offer a great system for tracking and managing support tickets. If you use Help Scout to manage support for your product or service, you need a good entry point for your users. Filling out a form on your site to request support can be more intuitive for users than starting a conversation with you directly via email. While you can setup a Ninja Form to submit an email with user details to create a ticket with Help Scout, this extension uses the Help Scout API to create tickets directly. This gives you more control over how the tickets are created and what the contents of the ticket will be. If Help Scout is your support system of choice, you need this extension. Read more about the services they provide at


Excel Export

Importing CSV files into Microsoft Excel can be a bit tricky. Special characters, extra spacing, multiple lines, or non-English characters can all cause issues with an import and lead to manually correcting entries. The Excel Export extension takes care of those issues by formatting your Ninja Forms submission export as an XLSX file that Excel can read natively. Export all submissions for a form or a smaller sub-set. Even export submissions on an individual basis.