Using a Form Survey to Customize Your Marketing Strategy

In lead generation, the leads you gather are going to be in varying stages of your sales funnel. How you handle a potential customer who is ready to buy now should vary from the way you handle a potential customer who is interested but not yet ready to commit. You’ll also have leads that vary in overall quality- are they just browsing noncommittally for fun or are they set to buy and weighing what you have to offer? A form survey is an excellent way to tell early on in the game… if you have the right tools!

Ninja Forms makes it easy to assign values to questions and answers in a form survey. By assigning the possible responses a user can select with a numerical value, you can calculate an overall “quality” score for each and every new lead. We hashed out how to do that in Part 1 of this series last week.If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend you do so before tackling what’s ahead.

This week we’re going to look at some creative marketing customizations you can leverage once you’re generating scores. Namely:

  • Show the user different success messages based on their survey score
  • Redirect the user to different pages based on their survey score
  • Send different email to a user based on their survey score
  • Send an email notification to specific members of your team when a user’s survey score falls within a given range
  • Add a user to different email lists based on their survey score

Interested? Let’s take a look!

Customizing Your Marketing Strategy Using Form Survey Scores

After moving through Part 1 of this series, we now have our calculation set up and ready to use. Your form survey will now calculate a score for each user based on their survey answers. Let’s look now at how we can leverage this score to reach out to leads in unique ways based on their survey feedback!

Sending Conditional Email Based on the Lead’s Survey Score

As an example, let’s notify specific members of your team when a particularly high quality lead submits a survey. Alternatively you could set this up to send a specific email to the lead based on the score they receive. You’d just need to collect their name and email in the form itself (which we did on Page 1 of our form in Part 1).

Say someone submits a survey saying they are in the market for a new, luxury SUV, and are ready to buy right now. We want a notification sent out automatically to members of the sales team to follow up right away. We’re already set up to do this nicely.

Head to your Emails and Actions tab and create an email action. Set it up to fire to the individuals you want it to fire to with the message you want etc. We want this message to fire only when the “value” of the lead- the sum of our calc values- exceeds a set criteria. In this example, a score of 10 or more.

form survey for lead generation conditional email based on value

The conditional logic at the bottom is what makes this tick: “Process this” when “All” “HTML” “Greater Than” “10”. This action will fire only when the HTML field has a value greater than 10, as calculated by our calculation!

Remember from Part 1: coming soon (possibly now if you’re reading this far enough after publication) you will be able to target the calculation directly from the email action and dispense with the HTML field entirely.

Showing different Success Messages Based on the Lead’s Survey Score

Success messages are a great way to present special offers, coupon codes, targeted adverts, and more- your imagination is the limit. In our example, let’s say we want to present buyers interested in a new truck a free towing package upgrade for completing the survey. We want this offer to apply only to those interested in a new truck, as we have other targeted offers for other buyers.

First, head to the Emails & Actions tab of your form builder and create a new success message.

Now set up the message body of the success message as you like with your offer using the rich text editor, images, videos, however you want it to look.

The Conditional Logic option below the message body is what you want to focus on next. This is allows us to display this specific success message only to specific users. Here’s an example of the processing that will cause this message to display if and only if the user indicates that they are looking for a new truck:

form survey for lead generation success message conditional logic setup

“Process This” when “All”: “Do you prefer a new or used vehicle?” “Has Selected” “New” and “What kind of vehicle are you looking for?” “Has Selected” “Truck”.

To do this for the actual score generated, you’d simply target the HTML field with your conditional processing the same as we did in the email example above.

Using Different Redirects Based on the Lead’s Survey Score

Say now that we have a lead who has indicated that they want a new vehicle and they’re ready to buy now. That’s anyone with a form survey score higher than 6 in our above example. We want to take these leads immediately from the survey to a webpage that shows the new vehicles that we have in stock. That’s easy with a conditionally processed redirect action!

Create a new redirect action with the URL of the webpage you want to redirect to in this scenario. Now we just need to set up our conditional processing so that it will only trigger if the lead’s score is greater than a 6. Simple:

form survey for lead generation redirect action conditional processing

“Process This” when “All” “HTML” “Greater Than” “6”. That’s it!

Adding a Lead to a Specific Email List Based on Their Survey Score

This will require an email marketing extension for Ninja Forms. I’ll use MailChimp to demonstrate, but you can accomplish the same with any of them in similar fashion. I’ve added a form field, “Would you like to receive special deals and offers in the mail?” that is conditionally hidden unless the user indicates “6 months” or “12 months” to the question “When are you looking to purchase your next vehicle?”. This way we can follow up with them periodically with inventory updates and other marketing until they’re ready to buy.

For this example let’s say this list is specifically for people who want to buy a van. Add a MailChimp action to your form and select the list you want them to be added to from the dropdown options within the action. Fill in the rest of the action accordingly- we’ll assume we asked them for their name and email address on a previous page of the form using Multi-part forms.

Now we set the action up to process only when the user has selected “van” from the question “What kind of vehicle are you looking for?”, as so:

form survey for lead generation conditional email list selection in mailchimp

Setting this up to process only on a the user’s survey score would be very similar- just target the HTML field with Conditional Logic instead of the question field:

form survey for lead generation conditional processing for lead score

These 5 ideas are only the tip of the iceberg! Do you have any more thoughts on how you could customize your marketing strategy based on the responses you get in a form survey? I’d love to hear about them, and likely so would anyone else making it this far into the article. Don’t be shy and do comment with your ideas below. I hope this series has opened up some new possibilities for you, and good luck with your marketing!