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Don't see an add-on integration for a service you love? Don't worry! Connect WordPress to more than 1,500 different services through Zapier, no code required!

Can’t find the integration you need to connect your favorite service to your WordPress website?

Have you given up looking and built a custom integration, only to discover it takes more maintenance to upkeep than is practical?

Just don’t have the technical know-how or resources to put together a custom integration? You’re far from alone, and you’ve just found a potential solution!

Use Zapier to connect your WordPress website to hundreds of different services via your WordPress forms. Even if no official integration exists, connect as if it did… no code required. Let us say that again… no code required!

Zapier connects the services you love to WordPress, no code required!

Zapier is the perfect ‘middle-man’ solution for connecting WordPress to almost any service that does not yet have an official integration. Simply install and activate this extension, and your WordPress forms become the bridge between your website and Zapier. From there, they connect you to the service of your choice.

Zapier supports over a thousand services, and there are dozens that will directly connect to Ninja Forms. In less than 5 minutes, you can easily create a bridge between your forms and:

  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Excel
  • Infusionsoft
  • Hubspot
  • Zendesk
  • Freshbooks
  • MySQL
  • …dozens more!

Create a connection in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee

No kidding, integrating is super fast and very easy. Zaps are how you connect WordPress to supported services. Setting up a new Zap is literally 1-2-3 easy:

  1. Choose Ninja Forms as your trigger app in Zapier
  2. Copy/paste Zapier’s webhook into your form
  3. Choose your target app/service within Zapier

That’s all there is to it. They even test your connections along the way to ensure your WordPress forms data will flow seamlessly into your selected service 100% of the time.

Want to test the process? Here’s a small handful of the integrations you have at your disposal:

Integrate. Automate. Innovate. Today!

Don’t waste anymore time searching for an integration that may or may not exist. Don’t spend another dime of resources on building or maintaining a custom integration. The perfect bridge between your WordPress website and the service you love is mere minutes away. Connect with Zapier today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I can connect WordPress to the app I need using Zapier?

Zapier maintains an exhaustive list of integrations. You can see what Ninja Forms can connect with and what can’t with their integration tool. Or just ask us!

Do I need an account with Zapier to use the Zapier add-on for Ninja Forms?

You do need a Zapier account to use the Zapier add-on for Ninja Forms regardless of the service you’re connecting to. They have a free plan and then paid tiers based on how many “Zaps” you’ll be using.

What type of support is available to Ninja Forms customers?

We have a dedicated support team standing by to help with anything you may need. We’re available 9am-4pm EST, Mon-Fri, and strive to answer all customer requests within 24 hours.

How do Ninja Forms licenses work?

Licenses are subscription based and will auto-renew each year unless cancelled. If cancelled, you may still use your extensions but will no longer receive important updates or support once the license expires.

Can I get a demo or trial of Ninja Forms add-ons before I buy?

We don’t have a demo or trial version of our add-ons, but we do offer a 14 day full refund policy for any reason whatsoever.


3.0.8 (8 May 2018)

  • Form title is now sent to Zapier.
  • List fields now send all available options alongside the selected option.
  • Checkbox fields should now send their readable values.

3.0.7 (23 November 2017)

  • Plugin activation should now work properly from the plugin installation screen.

3.0.6 (31 August 2017 )

  • Add/fix i18n
  • Improved integration with File Uploads plugin
  • Convert false values to empty strings (these were previously interpreted as a 0 by Zapier)

3.0.5 (2 May 2017 )

  • Remove hidden field types from Zapier submissions

3.0.4 (28 March 2017 )

  • Fix license numbering

3.0.3 (24 March 2017 )

  • Fixed fields with the same name not being sent to Zapier.
  • Removed Zapier test sync on form save. To test your connection with Zapier, submit a preview form.

3.0.2 (29 November 2016 )

  • Added sequence number
  • Fixed issue with File Uploads addon – uploaded file URLs will now display in Zapier

3.0.1 (06 September 2016 )

  • Update to v3.0.1 to fix core compatibility issue

3.0 (22 March 2016 )

  • Updated with Ninja Forms v3.x compatibility
  • Converted form settings to form action
  • Moved sync process to on form publish, removed sync button
  • Deprecated Ninja Forms v2.9.x compatible code


  • Made \”Sync\”-button message show in form_settings tab of Ninja Forms 2.9


  • Bugfix: Fixed incompatibility with Calculation (Output Calculation as HTML) – Field


  • Added sync-button. You can now sync your form with Zapier without having having to do sample form-submissions.


  • Updated readme.txt


  • Minor bugfix


  • Initial release