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Sunset: Vimeo Uploader (No longer supported)

Allow uploads to your Vimeo account from your WordPress site


With this plugin, you’ll be able to use your own site to upload user-submitted videos directly to your Vimeo account without having to visit or login to Vimeo.

You can also define the minimum WordPress role that is required to use this tool, so that other WordPress users on your site can upload to your single Vimeo account without ever knowing your Vimeo password.


  • Restricted Access – Allow your users to upload to Vimeo without handing out passwords.
  • Customize Video Info – Give your users the ability to write their own video titles and descriptions.
  • Privacy Controls – Control the uploaded videos’ privacy settings on a per-form basis.
  • Album Filters – Stay organized by added uploaded videos to a specific Vimeo album on a per-form basis.
  • Vimeo Pro Support – Take advantage of increased storage limits with Vimeo Pro.
  • Video Galleries – Use along with the Vimeography WordPress plugin to create instant video galleries that show off your uploaded videos.



  • Improved the UI for uploading videos on smaller devices
  • Fixed an issue that prevented videos from being selected if the form first encountered an error
  • Fixed a Javascript issue that occured when the file dropzone was initialized
  • Dropzone\’s Select A Video button will no longer submit the form when clicked on.


  • Add ability to restrict uploaded videos to specific domains
  • Added the nf-vimeo-uploader/upload-params filter to allow modification of parameters to send while updating uploaded video data. (see includes/Actions/VimeoUploader:182)
  • Added compatibility for Ninja Forms Multi-Part Forms extension
  • Clarified a few help text and label descriptions
  • Made the file browser message string translatable and added the nf-vimeo-uploader/file-browser-message filter
  • Implemented proper testing of uploaded chunks to verify they were successfully delivered to Vimeo


  • Updated with Ninja Forms v3.x compatibility
  • Deprecated Ninja Forms v2.9.x compatible code


  • [Fix] Improved the layout for the dropzone field on smaller screens



  • Fixed a bug that could cause fatal errors if Ninja Forms core was deactive.


  • [New] Optionally choose a Vimeo album that your uploaded videos should be placed in.


  • First public release.