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Sunset: Videomail (No longer supported)

Allow your visitors, guests, and customers to express themselves in more than just words.

Videomail enables you to record and send a short video from your webcam as if it were an email, integrated directly into Ninja Forms on your website.

While email is not expressive, video conferencing is not asynchronous. Allow your visitors, guests, and customers to express themselves in more than just words.

It also makes form submissions in Sign Language come true which improves web accessibility drastically


3.5.0 (17 February 2018)


  • New option: save to media library – so that you can reuse the video for posts or pages yay!
  • New option: image quality – with this you can improve video in cost of bandwidth


  • Much better error handling

3.4.3 (21 December 2017)


  • Now it does not mess with other rich content text editors anymore.

3.4.2 (12 December 2017)


  • Added missing licensing field under settings

3.4.0 (12 October 2017)


  • Now works on iPhones running on iOS11 and on Safari v11, yay.


  • Now works as an optional input (= not as a required field)

3.3.3 (9 September 2017)


  • Make it work again on all Edge browsers

3.3.2 (27 July 2017)


  • Do not zip extension in another zip.


  • Bump videomail-client using ES6 code
  • Improved error messages

3.3.1 (12 July 2017)

Initial Release