Ninja Forms +
User Management

Allow your users to register, login, and manage their own profiles on your website. Customizable template forms for each, or design your own!

Looking to grow a loyal and engaged customer base? Grow the pool of users that interact regularly with your content? It all starts from your login page. Your user registration and login portals are the gateway to your website, and you want them to look good!

WordPress’ default user registration tools may leave you wanting more. Many of the plugins that offer user management tools will swamp you with feature bloat. Customization is often lacking no matter where you turn. It can be hard to find a balance.

You’ve just found a way to strike that balance with user registration, login, and profile editing all through your WordPress forms!

User Management the way it should be: functional, efficient, and simply beautiful

User Management offers you 3 new WordPress forms and 3 new actions to add a full suite of user management options to your WordPress website.

You’re free to choose one of the pre-built template forms included with the plugin. You can also use any of the 3 actions to add registration, login, or profile updating functionality to any form you choose.

Each form and action offers you just the functionality you need for clean, professional user management forms:

User Registration Form & Action

  • Generate a new WordPress user
  • Define their Role per WordPress’ Roles and Capabilities
  • Collect user data to craft a unique user profile
  • Email credentials w/ an option for randomly generated passwords

User Login Form & Action

  • Allow registered users to log in to your WordPress website
  • Place the login form anywhere on your site using the default Ninja Forms shortcode
  • Display a custom message for logged in users
  • Redirect successful logins using the redirect action

User Profile Form & Action

  • Place profile editing forms on any WordPress post or page using the default Ninja Forms shortcode
  • Offer users the ability to update their own profiles
  • Easily include mapping for custom user meta

Download User Management today and begin growing the loyal WordPress user base your site deserves!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use User Management to restrict content to logged in users only?

You can restrict any form to be viewable only to logged in users, and User Management will integrate smoothly with any popular restrict content plugin for WordPress to do the same for posts and pages.

Does User Management support custom user roles?

Yes, User Management will see and allow users to register as any custom user role that you already have set up in WordPress.

What type of support is available to Ninja Forms customers?

We have a dedicated support team standing by to help with anything you may need. We’re available 9am-4pm EST, Mon-Fri, and strive to answer all customer requests within 24 hours.

How do Ninja Forms licenses work?

Licenses are subscription based and will auto-renew each year unless cancelled. If cancelled, you may still use your extensions but will no longer receive important updates or support once the license expires.

Can I get a demo or trial of Ninja Forms add-ons before I buy?

We don’t have a demo or trial version of our add-ons, but we do offer a 14 day full refund policy for any reason whatsoever.


3.0.12 (30 September 2019)


  • Login forms should now display an error for invalid email addresses that are used as usernames.
  • Resolved an error that was causing user registration to throw a silent error on some servers.
  • Continue 2 warnings should no longer appear in the error logs on php 7.3 or higher.
  • Forms with a disabled register user action will no longer immediately display the message \”Please logout to view this form\”.
  • Forms with a disabled update profile action will no longer immediately hide the form from non-authenticated users.
  • Updated the login setting of our register user action to properly go through the WordPress filters when login occurs.
  • Registration with a duplicate email address should now properly throw an error.
  • Login forms will now properly clear errors if accidentally submitted while blank.

3.0.11 (21 September 2018)


  • Migrated password fields from Ninja Forms core, where they are now deprecated.

3.0.10 (24 August 2018)


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused users that had just logged in to be immediately logged back out upon loading the admin dashboard.
  • The update profile action should no longer generate a warning when the email field is left blank.


  • Added a merge tag to output a logout link in HTML fields.
  • User management merge tags now appear under their own header in the merge tag editor.

3.0.9 (5 July 2018)


  • Newly registered users should now be listed as the author of any posts created by the same form submission.


  • All strings should now be translatable.

3.0.8 (13 June 2018)


  • Password should now properly appear in the field mapping settings for the register user action.

3.0.7 (26 March 2018)


  • Resolved an issue that was contributing to increased page load times.
  • Newly registered users should no longer see a message reading \”Please log out to view this message\”.

3.0.6 (12 March 2018)


  • Resolved an issue causing some users that had logged in to be immediately logged back out.

3.0.5 (26 January 2018)


  • Added the ability to update user role on profile edit.
  • Registration forms can now be previewed without having to log out.

3.0.4 (14 December 2017)


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused logins to fail on sites running WooCommerce.

3.0.3 (22 August 2017)


  • Added the ability to use email addresses as usernames.

3.0.2 (02 August 2017)


  • Added support for custom user roles when registering users.

3.0.1 (21 June 2017)


  • The default registration form should now properly default user roles to \”subscriber.\”
  • Fixed a possible 500 error when activating the User Management add-on.

3.0 (04 April 2017)

  • Initial release