This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!

Ninja Forms +
Table Editor

Collect tabular data in your form from users with a spreadsheet-like table editor.

This extension gives you a new field to collect tabular data using a spreadsheet-like grid. Set the number of columns and the headings and other table behaviour. The data is then attached to the administrator email as a CSV and stored in your WordPress uploads folder. The table editor allows users to add, remove rows, drag and copy cells just like a spreadsheet.*


Table Editor Field Settings

Table Editor Field Settings

Table Editor Field Output

Table Editor Field Output

*NOTE: Table editor is for tabular data collection only and does not have any calculation capabilities.



  • Bug Fix – Table overlapping subsequent tables on row addition


  • Fixed – PDF Submission addon integration not working


  • Fixed – Table not rendering if conditionally hidden using the Conditional Logic addon
  • New – Table width option of scroll, columns fit headers and overflow page with scroll
  • New – Handsontable updated to 0.16.1
  • Improvement – Compatible with WordPress 4.3


  • Fixed – Double quotes in cells not properly escaped
  • New – Handsontable updated to 0.13.1


  • New – CSV delimiter and enclosure now respecting the Ninja Forms filters


  • New – Table output option of slim or HTML when outputting to a PDF with the PDF Submission addon


  • New – Handsontable updated to 0.12.2
  • Fixed – Wrapping cell content not pushing subsequent page content down


  • Fixed – Table data not being saved since Ninja Forms 2.8.9


  • Fixed – Compatibility with Multi Part addon
  • Added – Default number of columns for field with filter: nf_table_editor_default_columns


  • Ability to choose the location of the submitted CSV, either Media library or ninja-forms folder in wp-content/uploads
  • Compatibility with PDF submissions addon to show the table of data in the PDF.


  • Compatibility with Ninja Forms 2.8


  • Compatibility with Ninja Forms 2.7
  • Handsontable updated to 0.11.0


  • Fix \’Download CSV\’ was not a link


  • Fix – An issue with the table not showing after submit for some users


  • Initial Release

This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!