Ninja Forms +
Save Progress

Let your users save their work and reload it all when they have time to return. Don't lose out on valuable submissions for longer forms!

Longer forms traditionally get completed less often. It’s a common reality in the course of a hectic business day. With five minutes here and ten minutes there between tasks, many users simply don’t have the time to complete long WordPress forms. Save Progress is your solution!

  • Are your longer forms being submitted less often?
  • Have lots of users visit a page but not complete the form there?
  • Want to substantially increase the conversion rate of any longer/Multi-Part form?

Save Progress adds the ability for any registered user to save a form in the state that it’s in, then return to complete it later. Non-registered users will have their form saved locally so that they don’t have to refill completed fields. This add-on is loaded with extras as well, like email notifications for saved forms and customizable success messages on save.

Give registered users the ability to Save Progress at any time, create multiple saves, edit saves, and more!

Save Progress greatly increases the chance that a registered user will have the time to finish your WordPress forms. When any user has the ability to return and complete without backtracking over data they’ve already given you once, your conversion rates will improve!

Easily enable saving for any form

You’ll see a new field named Save appear in your list of common fields with this add-on activated. Simply drop that field anywhere on any form to have a save button appear in that exact location on the form.

Let users cleanly manage multiple saves

Any saved form will have a customizable Load Saved Progress table at the top tailored to the specific user viewing it (and is absent if no saves are present). The user can select from any save they have made and load that save. They can also edit any save on the table.

Manage a full record of user saves from the dashboard

Every save is recorded in your admin dashboard for easy viewing. Saved forms can be edited if desired. You can also move forms from a saved state to a completed submission.

Need to offer non-registered users the ability to save? No problem.

Simple enable local browser storage in the settings menu of Save Progress to grant non-registered users the ability to save their work. A copy of the form will be saved via cookie in the state that it was in when the user navigated away from the page. When they return, they will not have to backtrack over any previously completed work.

Trigger any action on save

With Save Progress activated, you have the ability to trigger any action on save. Send email notifications when a user saves a form. Customize a unique success message to be presented when a form is saved. Any other action normally available to you can be set to trigger when a form is saved as well.

Changelog (27 January 2020)


  • Patched SQL Injection and Auth Bypass vulnerabilities associated with saved form data.
  • Patched an XSS vulnerability in the admin save viewer.
  • Many thanks to Timothy B Jacobs for practicing responsible disclosure!

3.0.24 (12 November 2019)


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented loading a save when multiple saves were enabled on a form.

3.0.23 (12 August 2019)


  • Corrected an issue that was causing some actions to fire improperly on save.

3.0.22 (24 July 2019)


  • The save table should no longer display on form load when there are no saves.

3.0.21 (12 June 2019)


  • Resolved an issue that rarely caused an undefined index warning when the save button is clicked.

3.0.20 (16 May 2019)


  • Save Progress should now work properly when there are multiple instances of a form on the page.

3.0.19 (2 April 2019)


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused an undefined index warning to appear on form load.

3.0.18 (11 January 2019)


  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Stripe action from loading on forms where Save Progress was enabled.

3.0.17 (30 November 2018)


  • Fixed issue where making changes in the form builder sometimes caused form publish to fail.

3.0.16 (24 August 2018)


  • Resolved an issue that was preventing saved states from loading properly in Internet Explorer.

3.0.15 (4 June 2018)


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused the dashboard to not display any forms.
  • Styling of the save table options in the form builder should now match similar settings.

3.0.14 (8 May 2018)


  • Updating the required status of a field in the form builder should now be reflected in saves.
  • Updating the file type restrictions of file uploads fields in the form builder should now be reflected in saves.

3.0.13 (5 April 2018)


  • Save data should no longer be removed when a submission fails.

3.0.12 (26 March 2018)


  • Local browser storage should now save a drastically increased number of values.

3.0.11 (17 January 2018)


  • Table editor fields should now be saved properly.

3.0.10 (14 December 2017)


  • Fixed an issue that was causing CSS stylesheets to be loaded unnecessarily on all pages.
  • Save times should now display accurately in the save table instead of showing the time of last save for all records.

3.0.9 (13 October 2017)


  • Saves should be faster now.
  • File Upload fields should now save properly.

3.0.8 (26 September 2017)


  • Fixed a bug with missing a missing nonce causing saves to not load.

3.0.7 (20 September 2017)


  • Fixed a bug with an array item being accessed before being checked.
  • Fixed a compatibility bug with the Table Editor add-on which created circular JSON.
  • Fixed a compatibility bug with the File Uploads add-on which was saving upload nonce values.

3.0.6 (13 September 2017)


  • Added hooks after a save is updated or created.
  • Removed Layout & Styles data from the saved data.
  • Added filters for inserting, updating, and getting saves.
  • Added query support for strings when getting saves with a where specified.

3.0.5 (22 August 2017)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error when Ninja Forms was not active.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Save Button to show to non-authenticated users.

3.0.4 (02 August 2017)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause multiple saves when using Multi-Part Forms.
  • Improved processing time for saving forms.

3.0.3 (13 July 2017)


  • Fixed an issue with missing JS files in previous version.

3.0.2 (06 July 2017)


  • Fixed a bug that created multiple saves when a form contained multiple save buttons.
  • Licensing and updating should now work properly.

3.0.1 (23 May 2017)


  • Fixed a file name reference that could cause a fatal error on some server configurations.


  • Initial release