Ninja Forms +
Help Scout

Offering great support is hard. Tailor your WordPress forms to match your customers' needs with this Help Scout integration for WordPress.

Already a Help Scout user? They make excellent customer service easy, but integrating with their service from your WordPress website can be a challenge.

Custom integrations requires maintenance that costs you time and money you don’t need to be spending. Many third-party integrations are semi-reliable at best. There’s a better way, and it’s right in front of you, right now!

Not using a dedicated help desk solution to support your product or service? Email support is slow and extremely unreliable. Phone support alone drains time and resources you could be dedicating to creating and innovating. It’s time to upgrade before your competition does!

Integrate your WordPress website with Help Scout and start delivering exceptional customer service with less overhead than any other solution, now!

Integrating Help Scout with WordPress makes exceptional customer service easier than ever before

So much of the time the your support misses define your users’ support experience. If you’re still relying exclusively on email or phone support, or have a less than stellar third-party integration to your Help Scout account, misses happen that simply shouldn’t.

Routing your customer support requests into your account directly through WordPress eliminates easy misses. Combine the dependability and accessibility of Ninja Forms with the power of Help Scout and never miss a customer reaching out for your help.

Place a support request form anywhere, on any post, page, product… wherever your customer’s need you, you’ll be there!

Help Scout enables you to deliver exceptional customer service to every customer, every time

If you’ve never used Help Scout, now’s the time to try. Handle your customer support experiences like a pro, whether you are one or not!

Build and maintain meaningful customer relationships

Every new customer brought into your system will have an auto-populated, editable profile. It includes the entire history of interaction with that customer to give you a picture of how they use your product or service, past pain points, and more.

Automation for superior organization

Automate workflows, categorize customers into custom folders, vanquish repetitive tasks and leave your team more time to focus on productivity.

Easy collaboration for more effective support

Happier teams make for happier customers, and Help Scout delivers with extraordinary collaboration features. See who is working a ticket at a glance, tag tickets, make notes with team member mentions, generate and save reply templates, and much more!

Fully featured reporting and analytics

Measure team performance, keep your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction, and spot trends easily within your Help Scout dashboard. Never open a spreadsheet for support trends again!

So much more!

Live chat integration, phone support, there’s simply more to Help Scout than we have room to list here. If you’re not a Help Scout user, or if you are but lack a suitable integration, pick up Help Scout for Ninja Forms now… before you start losing customers to competitors that do!


3.1.3 (21 April 2020)


  • Resolved a couple issues that were sometimes triggering a false positive for outdated TLS status.

3.1.2 (3 December 2019)


  • Resolved an issue that with license key registration and the WordPress updater.


  • Updated all text references of Helpscout to Help Scout.

3.1.1 (26 November 2019)


  • Resolved an issue that was preventing us from properly retrieving lists in API version 2.

3.1.0 (15 November 2019)


  • Updated to HelpScout API version 2.
  • Workflow now connects to HelpScout via OAuth.

3.0.0 (5 May 2018)


  • Sites with out of date TLS will not crash site.


  • Updated to be compatible with Ninja Forms 3.0.

1.0 (30 June 2015)

  • Initial Release