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Grow the reach of your email marketing with better CleverReach signup forms. Tailor your forms to your audience with this easy to set up integration!

CleverReach delivers high impact, easy-to-use email marketing that’s perfect for any business, large or small. Your only problem as a WordPress user? Making your WordPress signup forms as engaging as your newsletters!

  • Searching for a WordPress plugin to integrate with CleverReach? You know by now there’s not a lot of options out there.
  • Coding your own solution is a lot of work up front and down the road with extended maintenance.
  • The plugins that are out there lack a lot of important features like automatic notifications and customizable success messages.

Do you need your WordPress signup forms to be as powerful and engaging as the newsletters you send? You’ve found a solution!

Connect WordPress and CleverReach in a matter of minutes!

After installing the Ninja Forms CleverReach extension, connecting website to account is no more than the press of a button.

Simply click “Connect to CleverReach” in your dashboard to be redirected to your account. Click another button there to link your account, and you’re set!

connect to cleverreach button in wordpress

Complete integration doesn’t get easier than this!

Turn any of your WordPress forms into a fully customizable CleverReach signup form!

The addition of a single action within your form builder is all it takes to turn any of your WordPress forms into a CleverReach signup form.

From within that action in your builder, easily map your form fields to your account fields with the click of your mouse.

list field mapping in the cleverreach action

Just select your List, and map any form field into your account effortlessly!

Need an opt-in field for GDPR compliance or just best practice? Single or double opt-ins are no problem. Simply add the native opt-in field to your form from your form builder’s list of fields!

Easily customize your signup form’s features, look, and feel

Don’t want a signup form that ‘just sits there’? No problem.

Customize the functionality of each and every form by taking full control of unlimited email notifications to multiple parties, designer success messages, redirects, and more.

Need more? Conditional Logic brings you the ability to signup visitors to different Lists based on the preferences they indicate in the form.

Beyond merely looking good on any device or screen size, you can also fully customize your aesthetic easily with Ninja Forms’ Layout and Styles.

Take your email marketing to the next level and start building high impact, engaging signup forms with Ninja Forms + CleverReach today!


3.1.3 (8 September 2017)

  • switched to REST API v2

3.1.2 (10 August 2017)

  • Removed unused field mappings after list change
  • Updated API data structure

3.1.1 (08 August 2017)

  • Prevent loading CleverReach Rest API tools twice if multiplt CleverReach plugins installed
  • added checkbox-wrap class to field wrap to inherit styles from checkbox

3.1 (21 June 2017)

  • Switched to REST API because it\’s stable now and SOAP API is getting slower and slower


  • Fixed a bug with API permission checks

3.0 (05 October 2016)

  • Updated to NinjaForms THREE

1.1 (07 July 2015)

  • Fixed some bugs and optimized performance by reducing API calls