This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!

Batchbook CRM for Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms +
Batchbook CRM

Connect WordPress to your Batchbook CRM to automatically create contacts and companies.

Import your contact form data directly into your Batchbook CRM for quick and effective client management.

  • Create new contacts and companies automatically upon submission.
  • Batchbook’s Tag functionality is supported so you can generate unique tags for both contact and company based on landing pages, form data, etc.



2015.10.10 Add json encode function that encodes ampersands for Batchbook



Enable FileUpload mapping by sending URL of file upload as form value In case of multiple file uploads, only the first URL will be sent

Fix incorrect instructions for entering account name on settings page


2015.01.29 Add communication capability Refactor code to use common fx for all modules


check for empty array in nfbatchbookcrm_return_field_map_options function check for empty array in nfbatchbookcrm_modify_field_defaults function this ensures a null values don\’t remove the field map in PHP 5.2


enable field mapping for numbers field type Change date/time format to Y-m-d, was undefined


2014.09.22 Add custom fields for Person and Company modules Build link to retrieve user id\’s for AssignedTo field Change field registration to array Add checkbox functionality for custom fields

Correct link to repository location


Remove unused class-raw-request.php file


Ready for Audit Modify Settings Title


Bug fix – Illegal string offset in class-batchbook-comm when grabbing new person id


Ready for testing


Initial Setup

This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!