Easy Digital Downloads: The Complete WordPress eCommerce Solution

Has your search for a WordPress eCommerce solution become like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack?

Finding a great WordPress eCommerce solution for your business can be a challenge. Not because there’s any shortage of fantastic choices, but because there are so many! WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Shopify, Ecwid, iThemes Exchange, MarketPress… the list goes on.

Finding the WordPress eCommerce solution that best fits your business can quickly become overwhelming. We experienced that exact frustration when we began with Ninja Forms.

Accepting payment through PayPal and Stripe certainly worked. Using those services alone resulted in a lot of burdensome and time consuming bookkeeping and account management hurdles that only grew with the business though.

WooCommerce and other general commerce services are excellent options for many. For us, they offered a lot that we didn’t need as a digital-only business. They also lacked some key features that we required, like the ability to manage digital licenses through the life of an account.

Easy Digital Downloads was the solution we landed on for Ninja Forms in early 2013. We’ve been using them since, and could not be happier.

Why Easy Digital Downloads?

That’s an answer that’s going to be different for everyone, but for anyone selling digital goods through WordPress there’s a shared point that we’ll all be able to appreciate a great deal:

Easy Digital Downloads is the specialist in handling digital commerce in WordPress.

While EDD has evolved to handle physical products as well, the sale of digital goods is what they’ve built their service around. They do it better than anyone we’ve evaluated to date. Period.

For us, the initial decision to use EDD came down to ease of implementation and customization. Our developers pour countless hours into building the digital products we sell. When they’re ready to go we don’t want to spend even more time getting them live. We also don’t want to have to take valuable production time away from other areas to manage accounts manually after the fact. We’d spend more time managing updates than developing!

The features available in the base plugin and the extensions such as licensing, content restriction, manual payments, etc. all factored into why we chose Easy Digital Downloads. Excellent support is a big win for them too. Now, many years and millions of sales later, we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made.

Build Your Store, Your Way

While Easy Digital Downloads‘ primary focus is the distribution of digital downloads, they handle physical goods as well. For any WordPress business that offers a digital product or a mix of digital and physical goods, EDD offers a rich feature set that will allow your business to eliminate every pain associated with actually selling your product.

Fully Featured Shopping Cart

Allow your customers to purchase multiple downloads and physical products all in one order with EDD’s shopping cart feature. Their cart integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website with clean page loads and overall design.

Discount Codes

Easily Create discount codes as flat or percentage rates. Includes settings for expiration, maximum usage, and more. Incentivize your customers to buy more!

Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited downloads if you want them, or configurable to a number of your specification. There is no limit set by EDD on the number of times a file can be downloaded, but you have the power to restrict downloads by time or attempt.

Activity Tracking

Easily track date, time, and even IP address of all purchased and downloaded files. Know all there is to know about how your files are being handled.

Data Reporting

Every business needs fully fledged, detailed bookkeeping. Easy Digital Downloads makes it easy with built-in reporting that handles download logs, earnings reports, payment history, purchase history, and much more. Beautiful visual graphing options.


Developers and external applications can take advantage of a complete RESTful API that provides easy access to sales and product information in either jSON or XML format.

Much More…

  • Easy yet robust dashboard management setup via the “Add New Download” page. You’ll feel right at home in an environment that mirrors the “Add New Post” WordPress feature.
  • Lightweight and bloat-free. EDD’s extension model means you only have installed what you need installed, keeping your website moving quickly and your customers happy.
  • Variable pricing for your products. Lite versions, Full versions, different prices, no hassle. Sell an album or sell individual songs off the album all with one setup.
  • Shortcode allows for Purchase button to be placed anywhere
  • Default PayPal gateway and payment tracking
  • Customizable purchase receipts
  • Dozens of actions and filters for developers to take advantage of.
  • 100+ extensions to customize your digital store to your needs
  • A full library of official EDD themes + recommended community themes
  • Affordable pricing
  • Prompt, competent, courteous support

EDD has been our WordPress eCommerce solution since 2013 and we couldn’t be more impressed with their service

They eliminated the pains for us as a growing WordPress eCommerce business trying to get our product out the door. What was once something that ate away at large chunks of the day is now something we don’t even have to think about. When the rare issue arises, their team is on it and working towards a resolution fast. We couldn’t be happier.

We think you’ll be equally as impressed if you give them a try, so at the very least give EDD a look today!