How to Create Easy Contact Forms for WordPress

When starting a blog most writers have a clear idea of their title, their audience, their topic, their voice, and even what font they want to use. The first major hurdle many face is how to manage their websites and how to make a website work for them. Three of the essentials for any successful website is obtaining subscribers, communicating with subscribers, and getting feedback from visitors to find out what is working and what is not. To help with this, Ninja Forms offers you the most modern and painless way to create easy contact forms for WordPress!

Creating Easy Contact Forms for WordPress

Whether you are a beginner or just looking for an effective contact form, Ninja Forms has a several versatile and easy contact forms for WordPress, and each can be accessed and customized in a few simple steps. Let’s look at a ready made contact forms, how to build a form, edit the form’s fields, and set up a success message and email notification.

How to Access the Premade Contact Form

Step One:
To begin, from your wordpress dashboard go to Ninja Forms and select Add New. This will open a page where you can select a from “Blank Form”, “Contact Us”, “Quote Request”, and “Event Registration”.

Step Two:
Select “Contact Us” to open a premade contact template.

default contact us form in ninja forms; Building a website can be hard. Building forms should be easy. Discover Ninja Forms and discover modern, painless, easy contact forms for WordPress!

Step Three:
The prebuilt “Contact Me” page comes with four text fields: Name, Email, Message, and Submit. By clicking the gear on the right of each box you can open the setting for each field. Here you can change character limits, select whether or not a field is required before submitted, add help text, etc. Explore these options to find what fits your need.

Need more fields? Click the blue circle/+ icon in the bottom right to open a window with many more field options. Less fields? Hover your mouse over the gear icon of a field and you’ll see options to delete or duplicate!

contact form default fields; easy contact forms for WordPress!

Step Four:
Once you are happy with a field’s settings click “DONE” in the upper right hand corner and then “PUBLISH”. Congratulations! You now have a contact form

How to Build the Best WordPress Contact Form… From Scratch!

Step One:
Repeat step one (Ninja Forms>Add New) to return to the template page and select “Blank Form”.

blank form option in ninja forms builder; best WordPress contact form

Step Two:
This will open a form builder where you can select what you need specifically. Don’t forget to add a submit button for your page. It’s not a big deal if you forget because Ninja Forms will give you a helpful reminder to add one before you click away from the page. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to forget to add a submit button? (Says the man who has never forgotten to add a submit button…no really…it’s never happened…not once…why are my pants burning?) This is why we call it EASY contact forms for WordPress 🙂

Once you have your form fields selected and organized, click “DONE” and you can edit each field the same way explained in Step Three above.

Step Three:
Once your settings are…set…you can publish your custom built form. With the blank form builder you can create pages for just about all of your needs (below you can see an example of an address form I created using Ninja Forms).

ninja forms field options; best wordpress contact form

Send Email, Set Up Success Messages, and Other Actions

Now that you know how to craft the best WordPress contact form out there, you may be interested in is how to send email, display a success message, and other actions. These can be set to fire every time a new submission happens.

To set these actions up, simply open any form in your Ninja Forms dashboard. Next, select “Emails & Actions” from the tabs at the top of the screen. This opens a list of default actions you can set for the form: Success Message, Admin Email, and Save Submission.

Below you can see I have turned off store selection, but left the other options on.

If you click the blue circle/+ in the bottom right hand corner of this screen, you’ll see a list of additional actions, like Redirect. Click any one of these to add them to your form. Actions like sending email and displaying success messages are a part of the core Ninja Forms builder, available to everyone by default.

You’ll also find some special actions here that can really take your forms to the next level. Actions like MailChimp are available to sync your forms with your MailChimp lists. Twilio and ClickSend give you additional notification options. PayPal gives you the power to accept payments directly from your form. View all the additional options at your disposal in our extension library!

Now that you have your form built out, all that’s left is to add it to a page of your choice!

Questions? Ask Away!

That’s it! You’re now well on your way to becoming a pro at using the best WordPress contact form builder out there! We hope this article has helped you improve your website and furthered your understanding of WordPress and Ninja Forms. If you have any suggestions or advice for things not discussed here please remember to share them in the comments below!