The WebMerge add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Connecting Ninja Forms and WebMerge

First, connect your Ninja Forms installation with your WebMerge account.

Learn how to connect Ninja Forms to your WebMerge account

Setting up Ninja Forms to send data to WebMerge

    1. You will need to create a document through WebMerge that contains Merge Fields.

Build the WebMerge Document

This documentation from WebMerge should help you understand how to use their Merge Fields.

    1. In the form builder, open your “Emails and Actions” menu and click “Add New Action.”

Add New Action

    1. Choose the WebMerge Action

Choose WebMerge Action

    1. Choose your WebMerge Document from the list drop-down.

If the document does not appear, press the blue refresh arrow next to the List title.

Choose WebMerge List

    1. Under the “LIST FIELD MAPPING” section, use the insert merge tag button to select the fields from your Ninja Form that you would like sent to the corresponding WebMerge Fields.

Choose Merge Fields

You should now be setup to have WebMerge create a document using the submission data from Ninja Forms.

More reading

Documentation on Building Your WebMerge Documents

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