The Sendy add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Connect Your Form To Sendy

Go To Ninja Forms > Settings

Sendy Url: Enter your url where you have Sendy App installed. e.g

Custom Fields: If you want to use Custom Fields you can add them here, each field name will need to be separated by a comma.

Send Form Data To Sendy

Go to Ninja Forms > All Forms and edit one of your Forms. On the Emails & Actions tab, on the bottom right, you’ll see a blue and white plus button (+) to add additional actions.

Click this button and add the Sendy action.

Configuring Sendy Action

Select the Sendy List ID that you would like to add subscribers to. Then on the Fields that appear, select the icon on the right to add the merge tags for the fields from your form.

Email: Select the Email Field from list of your form fields.

Name: Select the Name Field from list of your form fields.

Custom Fields: Select any other fields you want to send to Sendy

Adding a Sendy Opt-In Field

The Sendy Opt-in field gives the user an option to choose if they want to be added to a Sendy list without the need to setup a Conditional Logic statement.

You can add a Sendy Opt-in checkbox to your form by clicking on the blue add field plus (+) button, then by choosing the Sendy Opt-in

Select the Sendy Opt-in field

If the Sendy Opt-in field is checked, the Sendy Action will be processed and the user will be added to the list. If the Opt-in is unchecked, the Sendy Action will be ignored.