Store Submission Action

Navigate to the Emails & Actions tab then select Add new Action


Select the Store Submission Action

Under the action there is an option to designate the Submitter’s Email Address. This is used to associate the submission with a user so their submission will be included in data export and delete requests for GDPR.

You can also designate the fields to be saved in the submission. Save All saves all the submission data minus the fields that you specify under the Except section. Save None does not save any submission data except for the fields that you specify under the Except section.

Under the Advanced Settings of the Store Submission Action, you can set the option for the submissions to expire after a set amount of time after the submission. When the submissions expire, they will be deleted. This setting applies to all submissions associated with the form that it is set on and also applies to all previous submissions from that form that are older than the amount of days set.

You can rename the Store Submission action by changing the Action Name.

When done, press the done button.


The action can be enabled or disabled using the toggle.