The Ninja Forms Intelligence add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Setting Up IntelligenceWP for Ninja Forms

1. With the plugin installed and activated navigate to Ninja Forms > Settings > Intelligence, and click Setup Intelligence.

2. This opens the Intelligence Setup Wizard. Install and activate the core Intelligence plugin via the Setup Wizard (this is a standalone core plugin required for the Ninja Forms Intelligence plugin to function).

3. Click Setup a new Intelligence Tracking ID & API Key. This will run a setup utility to sync Intelligence with Google Analytics (requires a Google Analytics account). Alternatively, you can click More Options to connect to an existing Intelligence property if you have one.

4. Set the default Submission Event/Goal. This is global tracking that will register anytime a form is submitted anywhere on your site. This selection defaults to tracking submissions as an Event, but you can click Add Goal to create a Goal and set this instead if desired. To set an Event/Goal on a per form basis, see the next section.

5. Click “Test your form tracking” to test and confirm a successful setup.

Setting Up Tracking on a Per-Form Basis

1. In the form you wish to setup per-form tracking on, navigate to the Emails & Actions tab. Click the blue circle/+ icon in the bottom right to slide open the available actions window, and select Intelligence to add it to the list of form actions.

2. Click the newly added Intelligence action to open its setting window. Under Tracking settings, select the Submission Event/Goal you want to track for this specific form, or create a new one by clicking ADD GOAL. You can also record form views with the Track Form Views setting.

**This extension contains features that will allow the mapping of form fields to visitor properties within Intelligence via the Field Map settings if you have the pro version of Intelligence.