Discover #THREE Part 5 – Keyboard Form Building

Welcome to the 5th part of our discover Three series of videos where we are showing off some of the improved and some never before seen features in a form creation plugin.

I’m not aware of any other form builder that is offering a power user feature like keyboard form building. We’re still working out what the shortcuts will actually be, but currently…

  1. ctr + shift + n to open the new field drawer
  2. type “first” hit enter.
  3. type “last” hit enter.
  4. type “email” hit enter.
  5. type “text” hit enter.
  6. type “submit” hit enter.
  7. hit “esc”.

You’re done. You just built a form in record time. Depending how fast you type of course. See it in action now.

  • To test out Ninja Forms THREE yourself, head on over to our demo at
  • In the next Discover #THREE video I’ll show off our Actions system with some “new in THREE” actions that are available.