Quality, Affordable Custom Development in WordPress with Codeable

Need a specific look or feature on your site but just can’t find the plugin or theme that has it? There’s an easier answer than coding it yourself.

Everyone gets here eventually. Spent countless hours getting your site just the way you want it, but there’s still that one thing you need that you just can’t find?

Had a developer build your site out for you, but need specific changes made down the road that a plugin or your theme simply doesn’t offer?

Big dreams for future site upgrades, but don’t have a big budget to meet your goals?

Custom development in WordPress is often a basic necessity. But, if you don’t have the coding skills to do custom work yourself or do but don’t have the time, it can be a very real roadblock to progress.

Codeable brings you quality custom development by WordPress experts at an affordable price

Codeable.io is a service that connects WordPress users with WordPress developers. Whether you’re a small business, an agency, or just looking for some work done on your blog, Codeable is your resource for custom development in WordPress. Finding someone to work with you for your individual needs and within your budget has never been easier!

Stop worrying about finding someone who knows what they’re doing

Codeable is heavily invested in connecting you with WordPress developers who can get the job done right. Anyone can talk up their development expertise, but just like any field the truly good ones take some effort to find. Codeable has done the vetting for you. When you hire for custom development in WordPress through Codeable, you’re hiring  WordPress expert.

  • Only 2% of the developers who apply to do work through Codeable pass the vetting process
  • Codeable’s devs have taken on over 75k projects for 21k customers to date
  • 98.7% of customers rate the work they receive 5/5 stars
  • 75% of customers who have work done return with more work

Easily match the skills required for your project with a developer that specializes in that skillset

Connecting through Codeable, you have a virtual marketplace of developers to choose from. Every project requires specific skills in specific areas. Using Codeable, you’re able to see the strengths and skillsets of each developer before you reach out to them.

codeable dev bio with skillset for custom development in wordpress

You can either tell Codeable about your project and let them match developers to your needs, or handpick the dev that’s right for you yourself. No more interviewing, no more keeping your finger’s crossed that this one knows what they’re doing!

Need custom development in WordPress forms? Codeable and Ninja Forms are now official partners!

There’s been a high demand for custom development for Ninja Forms ever since the plugin launched. We’ve tried managing that in evolving ways, from meeting those requests ourselves to putting you in contact with developers we know. It’s been a long road of imperfect solutions, and Codeable has finally offered us a solution that we’re happy with because you already are!

Codeable actually reached out to us recently to let us know they’ve been seeing a growing number of Ninja Forms users come to them with special projects. That wasn’t a complete shock, but what really caught our attention was the fact that so many of these users- all of them in fact- had wonderful things to say about their experience with Codeable.

And so, a partnership was born. What does this mean for you? Any custom work for Ninja Forms that you need done via Codeable:

  • Will be handled by hand-picked Ninja Forms specialists who have passed a strict application and vetting process
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results
  • Is backed by a dedicated support team that is available 24/7

If you need high quality custom development in WordPress, Codeable needs to be your go-to solution. We’ve been extremely impressed with the work that they’ve done for our users. Take the extra work off your hands and find a developer now for any project at any budget!