5 Simple Steps to Building an Email List in WordPress

So you started your own website? Awesome! You added lots of content and have a steady publishing schedule? Even awesomer! Your website is starting to get traffic, and you’re getting some comments and feedback? Keep pushing that awesome button! So, how are you going to reach out and contact these guests directly…? Building an email list is one simple and effective solution.

When most people start their own website, generating content is the easy part. Business owners know what they are trying to make and, for the most part, how they are going to make it. What is difficult is figuring out how to make people aware of what you offer. To that end, Ninja Forms is the best form builder in WordPress for growing an email list so that you can start getting subscribers and getting information out to your fans.

How to Start Building an Email List in WordPress

The great things about Ninja Forms is we have a lot of options to fit your emailing needs. Any of the options offered with Ninja Forms would be a great help to anyone looking to organize or create their subscriber list, but let’s begin with MailChimp.

MailChimp is a great service that will collect and organize your subscribers for you. It will also keep record of your subscriber statistics so you know when you had the most and least influx of new followers. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to make the most out of their website and it works seamlessly with Ninja Forms.

Step 1: Join the Chimps and Write that Shakespeare!

First, you’re going to need to create a MailChimp account. Don’t worry. It’s free and it’s absolutely worth your time. You can create your MailChimp account by following this link.

Step 2: Make that Chimp a Ninja!

Once you have your MailChimp account made you need get MailChimp for Ninja Forms and install it to your website. After purchasing the plugin license, you can follow the instructions on the documentation page to add it to your site. If you have any problems with installation, you can also take a look at the Installation Documentation for Ninja Forms.

Step 3: Prepare the List!

After you have your account set up and your plugin installed, you are ready to put these services to work for you and start assembling your email list in WordPress. MailChimp will keep track of your subscribers email accounts, but first you are going to want to create a list so it knows where to store the data. From your MailChimp dashboard select “List” and then “Create List”.

create mailchimp list to create email list in wordpress

You can name your list whatever will help you remember it once you return to your WordPress dashboard. For this tutorial, I’m just going to stick with the simple label of “Newsletter.” Once you done filling in the needed information and making your list, you can check or edit anything you need on the MailChimp dashboard.

Step 4: The Fourth Step!

Once you are satisfied with your list(s) in MailChimp, return to your website’s dashboard and you can integrate MailChimp into one of your Ninja Forms. I’ll be integrating MailChimp with a contact form I previously made (If you need any help in how to easily make a contact form in Ninja Forms, you can learn how to do that here). From any form you have made, select “Emails and Actions” and then the “Add New Action” button.

add email action in ninja forms

From the slide menu that opens, Select the MailChimp box to add it to your options, and to open the MailChimp Settings.

location in sidebar of ninja forms mailchimp action

Step 5: Tell that Data Where to Go!

Now, you’re almost done putting together your email list in WordPress. Once you’ve set MailChimp to your “Emails and Actions” you need to make sure that the data collected and organized properly. From the “List” option, select the List you created earlier. (If for any reason you need to return to the MailChimp dashboard to change a list or create a new list before moving forward, simply click the blue refresh button beside “List” to update the drop down option).

options for mapping fields in mailchimp to generate email list in wordpress

Lastly, set the MailChimp Field Mapping by selecting the box on the right of the new menus that open, and make sure each field collects the appropriate information (i.e. emails are taken from the email field, first names are taken from the first name field, etc.).

merge tags used for mapping field data

Once you are satisfied click “DONE” and congratulations! Now whoever fills out the contact form will be added to an email list in MailChimp! It’s that easy, and you are now on your way to becoming a master at creating email lists with the best WordPress form builder out there! I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, comments, or tips, be sure to share them in the comments below!

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Questions about growing your email list in WordPress? Ask away in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!

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