Building Better Customer Relationships with Ninja Forms CRM

Would you board a commercial jet knowing that the pilot had no way of communicating with air traffic control? I know it’s not something I’d roll the dice on. Air traffic control are the folks that let a pilot know when she’s clear for takeoff and landing, what lanes to fly to avoid collision, and a hodgepodge of other ever so slightly vital traffic management functions. A pilot is flying blind without them.

Landeanflug_auf_San_FranciscoRunning a business without some kind of customer relationship management system is not much different than flying blind. You have customers in all stages of the sales cycle that need direction in order to get the best experience for them and the best returns for you. If you’re not taking an active role in your customers’ experience with your business, who is? Nobody. And that means money out of your pocket from lost sales. Fly with us for a few minutes while we talk about customer relationship managers (CRMs) and how Ninja Forms can fill this need for your business!

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management is a strategy first and foremost. It’s any system developed to analyze and manage the ways your customers interact with your business. The idea is to manage customer data in a way that optimizes their experience for maximum retention and sales. In plain terms, it’s an organized effort to get the most out of every customer by making their experience with you awesome.

When we’re talking about a CRM, we’re talking about a piece of software that helps you organize and centralize customer information so that you can accomplish all this, better.

How Would We Use a CRM?


A typical sales team consists of individuals going out and making contact with prospects or customers. They gather valuable information about each contact with notes on that individual’s needs, preferences, visions for the future, and more. Anything that helps strengthen the relationship with that individual and lead into sales.

Now what happens when you want to want to know something about Customer A? Get ahold of the sales rep that’s been working with him and wait on him/her to dig up the info you need, then wait some more for that info to be sent to you?

What if you wanted data on which customers would be the most likely candidates to pitch an upgrade to Product X? Get in touch with all your reps, wait while they decide case by case, then wait for them to send all the names back to you?

What happens when a sales rep leaves your team and takes their notes with them?

Using a CRM like SalesForce, Zoho, Insightly, or others gives you an easy technological fix/upgrade to all these scenarios. Data collected on your customers is entered into the CRM for easy, immediate access by anyone on your team with authorization. This gives you the ability to promptly respond to customer inquires and requests, stay on top of customer preferences, and tailor your communications to be personal, relevant, and far more attractive on an individual level.

How Can Ninja Forms Help?

Ninja Forms offers integration with six different industry leading CRMs:

Using Ninja Forms + one of these powerful CRM integrations, a whole new world of data management is at your fingertips! When a user submits any Ninja Form, we will automatically integrate the submission with your CRM account. In short, you sign up with the CRM of your choice, set up your account, link your Ninja Forms to that account, and then you can literally sit back and watch the data pour in.

peeking-ninja-300x138By more accurately forecasting and guiding your customers every step of the way, sales and productivity will grow, and so will your business. Track, prioritize, automate, and personalize your every interaction. Grow your business with Ninja Forms!