Looking for Better WordPress Support? It’s Out There!

Stop Wasting So Much Time in Search Engines

When and if we have a problem, we go to Google (or adjacent search engine, should you be particularly adventurous). It’s become as second nature and compulsive as checking for the time or weather. Now, that frame of thought isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but let’s face it, Google is an algorithm. It’s simply not always able to zero in on the core WordPress problem you’re facing. Context is key, time is money, and the devil is in the details. You need better WordPress support!

For Quality Help, You Just Need to Know Where to Look

As tempting as it is to pull up that search bar and begin typing away the word salad you believe will get on the closest route to your answer, we’re going to challenge you to NOT do that. So often what search engines believe are the results you are looking for, end up being a expedited trip to misdiagnosing your issue or simply being routed to a forum equivalent of a mortuary. It’s okay. We’ve got your back! Read on to discover where you should be zeroing in to garner quality support.

You’ll find quality WordPress support in more places than you might expect!

While there are a wealth of options at your fingertips, we’re going to focus on our top 4 recommended methods for WordPress support. Be excited, solutions are dead ahead!

1. WordPress.com & WordPress.org Support Forums:

Don’t be afraid to simply ask for help at the source before you start waving your hard earned currency around. Due to the nature of open source, you’re dealing with a project and community now 15+ years in the making. Many within that community actively seek out your happiness.

The WordPress.org, and WordPress.com support forums don’t just enable you to share the issue/s you’re experiencing. You can also cross reference, and keep an eye out for similar issues within others’ support threads. It’s entirely possible, and even probable to find that your issue has already been addressed and solved. The forums are a great way for you to get involved, be heard, and continually contribute to an already wonderful community.

2. Local WordPress Meetups:

Here’s a curveball for you, seek out WordPress support and advice in person (queue dread inducing music) at a local meet-up. Seriously, I’ve written about this before, find your local WordPress meetup. Not only will you find like minded individuals eagerly available to help, but you can integrate yourself into the community. Fix your own issues and pay forward your knowledge to someone in similar shoes.

If you’re concerned about robbing a savvy individual of their precious time, know that any quality meet-up provides designated time for you to join and take part in a Happiness Bar. Sit down with someone and go over your issue in a hands-on manner! Honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WordPress meet-up usefulness. For more on why meet-ups matter, we encourage you to check out our blog post: WordPress Isn’t Just Software, It’s a Community.

3. WP Site Care & ClickWP:

While there are many options out there, for busier individuals, you may want to consider services like WP Site Care & ClickWP. These services offer a high level of expertise and attention to detail for a modest fee. You can even opt for a service plan that will have your site professionally monitored and serviced on a regular basis. Guarantee you’re issues aren’t just being solved, but outright prevented. Services like these provide a degree of security and peace of mind that ‘fool-proofers’ adore, and for good reason!

4. Help On-demand:

As direct a route as can be taken, never be ashamed to consider outsourcing your support to an experienced professional. If you require a more project oriented contractor, why not consider hiring a developer outright? Now you may be thinking, “Just how, or where would I even look?” Obviously, this isn’t a ‘craigslist’ scenario and aside from taking a chance at locating a developer at an aforementioned meet-up, we encourage you consider Codeable.

Whether a commissioned local developer, or one from Codeable’s offerings directly, there’s hardly a better option in solidifying quality WordPress support in a timely manner. One definitive leg up in working through Codeable is that they provide vetted, monitored developers, with a guarantee on deliverables, and quality work; 100% money back guaranteed.

Issues Made a Little More Effortless

So, there you have it, compass in hand, ready to navigate the vastness of potential issues, with potential ports firmly locked in your sights. We hope you now feel confident in your ability to locate the guidance and services necessary toward ensuring your WordPress site is operating and well oiled for the journey ahead!

Have you used these, or any other sites and services that’ve led you to successful issue solution? Be sure and let us know in the comments below about your WordPress support experiences and recommendations!

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