Webhooks for Ninja Forms

We’re happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Ninja Forms family: Ninja Forms – Webhooks! If you use a web service that accepts GET or POST requests, you can now send data to it when a user submits a Ninja Form. The Webhooks extension allows you to create actions for your forms that submit data to any external URL through a GET or POST request.

The Webhooks extension adds a new action type aptly named ‘Webhook.’

We just need to add a few settings:

  • Remote URL: Where are we going?
  • Remote Method: How are we getting there? (either GET or POST)
  • Args: A collection of Key – Value pairs that will be sent as data.
  • Encode Args as a JSON String: Do you want to send JSON?
  • Run in Debug Mode: Will show debugging information like data sent and response.

As a real-world example, let’s look at how we’d integrate with Feedblitz.  Feedblitz is a service that lets you do a lot of cool stuff with email newsletters and RSS feeds. If you haven’t heard of them, head over to their site and check them out. After you finish reading about Webhooks, of course. 🙂

For this service, we’ll be following the handy Feedblitz API guide. Here’s a screenshot of our settings:


That’s it! When a user fills out our form, this action will send a GET request to the Feedblitz url along with the three required keys. If we wanted to add some custom response message, we could use the do_action() that fires when a remote request fires.

Important Notice for active Bundle License Holders

While this is a new add-on added in an already impressive list, it is also an official WP Ninjas add-on and therefore has been added to our Developer and User bundles. If you’ve already purchased one of these bundles and your license is still active this new add-on has already been added to your account.