Version 2.3 Released

Anyone who uses Ninja Forms, and there are apparently a very large number of you, knows that Ninja Forms get’s updated very frequently. This isn’t because we don’t have anything better to do. Ninja Forms is gaining in popularity very rapidly and as more people are using the plugin we are made aware of tweaks and changes that need to be made to make both the experience and the functionality better. We always aim to please.

Our hope in the next several releases is to get to a little more laid back schedule with more substantial releases. This will help us make Ninja Forms even more robust and our extensions even more the best in class plugins they already are. Until then however you can expect various little tweaks and bug fixes as things arise as we look toward our version 3.0 release.

Here is what’s changed in version 2.3:

Use this email address as the Reply-To address

Web hosts can be very picky as to how emails are sent from your site. We used to have an option where you could set the an email address from the user as the “from” email for admin emails. This was a silly way to allow you to easy click reply and continue the conversation. In some cases servers wouldn’t send the emails because they will only send from an authorized domain email address, one your users most likely were not using.

We have removed this option in favor of a Reply-To settings for your emails fields. If checked, the designated email address will be used as the reply-to address for all admin emails and yet still be sent from the “From Email Address” in your form settings.

Improved Form Settings Page

I think our sections on the form settings page were a little out of order. This wasn’t a bug, just a lack of foresight on our part. We had what we called “Basic Settings” first. These are really more of tweaks to the forms behavior than just basic settings and really should be the last things you look at after you’ve set up all the important email options. So we moved them to the bottom and present you with the email settings before anything else.

Better From Email Settings

We used to have one field for the “from” email address. Users would enter their emails and wonder why the name always showed as coming from “WordPress”. We’ve now added a “From Name” as well as the “From Email Address”. Best of all when you’re creating a new form and leave those blank on accident we populate them with your site title and admin email address respectively.

More Anti-Spam Options

We’ve always had the Question / Answer anti-spam option which has proved to be absolutely effective for most users but on occasion some have wanted other alternatives. In version 2.3 and the version before we’ve added two more options to your anti-spam arsenal.

Honey Pot Field – The concept is pretty simple. This is a field that isn’t displayed to your users but in most cases spam bots don’t realize this and fill the field in anyway. If the field is filled out then Ninja Forms assumes it’s a bot and the submission fails.

Timed Submit – This is a special submit button that you allot a specific amount of time to before the form can be submitted. Spam bots will generally fill out and submit the form immediately. If this occurs the form will not actually submit and the spam will be defeated once again.

You can of course use one or any combination of these methods to make your forms completely spam proof.

As always there were other minor bug fixes but these were the highlights we think you will be most concerned about.

We also want to say a huge thank you to Patrick Rauland & Kathy Darling who have had a large part in these past couple releases. Also, congratulations to Kathy Darling as she has recently been added as a contributor on our about page as well as on the Ninja Forms repo page.