RSS Aggregator: Make Your Site a One Stop Shop for Resources

Looking for a way to draw content and generate leads on your WordPress site? RSS Aggregator is the plugin you need!

It happens to the best of developers. Content Shortage. We hit points where we just don’t know what to write. Unfortunately, the world continues to spin and users continue to look for new content. Thankfully, there is a solution.

During times like this, a great option is to find some other content to feature  on your site. Unfortunately, manually tracking down a content feed and getting it on your site can take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately though, there are ways to make this faster and easier. RSS Aggregator is a plugin specially made to give you the ability to place and control an RSS feed on your site.

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, but is also sometimes called Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed is a method to gather information from many different sites and display them in one place. RSS feeds can be customized to pull from only specific sources, and, even better, aggregators can be set to automatically update when new information is available from the source, giving the user a constant feed of the most recent information.

What is RSS Aggregator?

RSS Aggregator is a plugin for WordPress that has both a free and premium version. To quote the developers, RSS Aggregator gives you the ability to, “Gather the Web” in order to give your users a one stop website to their news and interest. With the free version you will have features such as:.

  • Import from multiple RSS Feeds.
  • Feed auto-discovery to add feed sources.
  • Display feed items via the shortcode.
  • Only import feed items with unique titles.
  • Limit the number of feed items stored.
  • Link the title and source name to the original source.
  • Display the original author’s name with each feed item.
  • Open YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo videos directly.
  • Create a custom RSS feed from imported feed items.
  • And More

The premium version takes all of these features and gives you a huge amount of additional customization power, such as more specific filtering, import WordPress Posts, and additional support. You can also explore the Add-Ons section of the plugin for discover how you can use the plugin to fit your specific needs, and check out the documentation section to really see what the plugin can do in the Tutorials and Videos section!

Why do I Need RSS Aggregator?

All of this may sound really interesting, but what about the functionality? How can a developer use this on their own website?

Add Content

RSS Aggregator is an investment in your time and content. It may take some time to establish what feeds you want the plugin to pull from and how you want it displayed on your site, but once you have it established it is one of your best tools.

The plugin makes it easy to import and merge free content from various RSS feeds to your website. This means that you can have a constant stream of up to date content on your site that you don’t even have to write yourself. Though this can never replace original content, RSS Aggregator can give you a placeholder anywhere on your site so that users keep coming back even when you personally don’t have anything new yet.

Save Time

RSS Aggregator can also be a tool for yourself! How much time do you spend researching content to fit your site’s niche? RSS Aggregator can cut a significant portion of that research time down by retrieving information from feeds that fit your personal interest/needs and bring it to you.

You may still need to explore some content yourself, but using an automated system can help you stay up to date, and possibly inform you of things you wouldn’t discover on your own.

Streamline Experience

Finally, think about what your users morning routines might be like. Lay in bed and check some sites on their phones? Make a pot of coffee? Go for a run? Cook breakfast? Wouldn’t it be great if we could provide some sort of machine that could help them do all of this at the same time? Some sort of horizontally cushioned kitchen treadmill. Health hazards and ridiculousness aside, that’s a terrible idea, but what’s not a bad idea is to make these individual tasks better.

We may not have the ability to make morning runs more efficient, but one thing we can do is use RSS Aggregator to pull RSS feeds to your site in order to streamline their online experience, make your site one of their go to sources, and cut down on your personal work time. Even if you are not having trouble creating content, making your site more universal to your users is an opportunity no one should pass up.

If you’re not using RSS Aggregator for content aggregation, you’re working too hard!

If you are interested you should absolutely check out RSS Aggregator’s main site and also explore the plugin itself. Seriously, this is one plugin we cannot recommend enough. What success have you found with RSS feeds and RSS Aggregator? Be sure to share them in the comments below and let us know what you find works for you!