Releasing Ninja Forms THREE!

We have been planning Ninja Forms THREE for the better part of two years, and today I get the honor of announcing its release.

Ninja Forms THREE starts rolling out on Monday, March 7th to select users.

What exactly is the scope of this release?

This is a Release Candidate; the core plugin has been completed and tested to the best of our ability, with the resources we have. It’s time to start battle testing it on more environments.

While we feel that this version is completely ready for public use and are using it on some of our production sites, we highly recommend that you first test the upgrade on a staging server before using it on a mission critical website.

Who will get access to this release?

Only users who have updated to version 2.9.34+ (being released next week) of Ninja Forms with version 3.0 compatible add-ons will receive access.

How do you know if you have version 3.0 compatible add-ons?

All official add-ons compatible with Ninja Forms THREE will be updated to a 3.x version number. This makes it easy to know if you are using the right add-ons for the right version of NInja Forms.

Even better, you don’t have to know. The software will actually take care of this for you. We’ll explain this next.

Please note that all add-ons will soon have 3.0 compatible versions.

What will the update process look like?

We’ve worked hard to automate this update process to avoid undue stress by adding some version intelligence to our plugin.

This is our update process:

  1. Over the next few weeks, we will start to roll out some version 3.0 compatible add-ons.
  2. Next week we will release version 2.9.34 of Ninja Forms core.
  3. If you update Ninja Forms core to 2.9.34 with only version 3.x add-ons, you will get a new notice in your admin giving you the option to update to Ninja Forms 3.0.
  4. If you choose to update, you will be taken to a page to convert your current forms to the new version
  5. If you have any issues at all with the conversion process, or discover something isn’t working as expected, we will provide a one click option to roll back to the previous version with all of your preserved forms and settings. Please note that any changes to the forms made while using 3.0 will not be backwards compatible with 2.0.

That’s it. Once you go through the update process you can continue to use Ninja Forms THREE from that point on.

How long will it be until you release Ninja Forms THREE officially to everyone?

Our rollout process gives us the ability to control how many users get updated to THREE,  and we will be updating new add-ons to version 3.0 every day. As each new add-on is released an even larger group of users will get access to THREE.

We are targeting 8 add-ons that need to be 3.0 compatible before we can release THREE to our entire user base.

Keep in mind, even once we officially release THREE, users with add-ons that are not yet compatible with it will be blocked from updating in order to ensure their forms continue to work.

We hope that you are as excited as we are. Mark your calendars. On March 7th the revolution begins.