Ninja News: Truckin’ Along Through September

Goodbye September, hello Autumn! As the month draws to a close, we’d like to throw a huge thanks out to the truckers that keep our favorite stores stocked. September 9-15 was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. I wouldn’t have had my morning coffee if it wasn’t for you. You rock. It’s also Classical Music Month. How that mixes we’re not quite certain, but surely somewhere someone was jamming to Beethoven while they were hauling something awesome down the interstate, so kudos to you, sir or ma’am 🙂

On to business, it’s been a very busy month for the Ninja Forms team, especially for our developers. It might look quiet below as you browse through the core and add-on updates below, but big things are coming.

Our dev team has been nose to the grindstone with some fundamental changes to the way the plugin works. It’s all under the hood, so there won’t be a shiny material deliverable out of what they’re up to right now. But, there will be some major performance differences both on the back end when you’re building a form, and on the front end when users are interacting with your forms. It will also be much appreciated by anyone working with our API. I can’t say much more now, but look for a lot more on this soon! 🙂

Now, onto what else we’ve been up to this September!

Updates to Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is continually evolving and improving! Here’s some noteworthy samples of what was added and tweaked this month. For a full list, see our changelog on!

  • Removed some outdated objects to improve speed of publish.
  • Added modal on downgrade to prevent accidental usage.
  • Password fields have been deprecated in Ninja Forms core. Some of our add-ons will still utilize them.
  • Resolved an issue that was sometimes causing upgrades on multi-site to delete forms from other sites on the installation.
  • List field values sent in an email via CSV should no longer display as NULL if their value was 0.

Add-on Updates

Like the core plugin, we’re working to make your integrations and add-ons better every day. Here are some highlights from that process this month.

If you are curious about all the changes in a particular add-on, you can always visit the specific add-on’s product page and view the changelog.

New Content

A rich, thriving community of users is no small part of what makes WordPress the world’s greatest CMS. Contributing to that community as and how we can is important to us- we grow only as we all grow. We’ve been ramping up our content production as a centerpiece of that effort in an attempt to provide useful news, tips, and advice to those who can use it. Here’s what we’ve published this month, and keep an eye out for plenty more in the future. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

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Big wheel keep on turnin’….

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