Ninja News November: to all of you, Thanks!

Goodbye, November! Another month is behind us, and almost the year. We hope you had a fantastic turkey day for all of those among you that celebrate the US Thanksgiving holiday, and look forward to a festive end of the year. In a month of thanksgiving, we’d like to say, well, thank you. You’re what makes our ninja world go ’round! 🙂

This month has been National Veterans and Military Families Month, so here’s an extra special thank you to all of the veterans, active service members, and their families that make up our own Ninja Forms family (and those of you who aren’t, if you happen across this article)! Thank you for your service, whether you’re in uniform or supporting a husband, wife, dad, or mom that is. You do us proud.

We’ve been up to a lot this month. I’ll spare you the talk- you can find it all below!

Updates to Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is continually evolving and improving! Here’s some noteworthy samples of what was added and tweaked this month. For a full list, see our changelog on!

  • Placeholder text should now be visible in number fields that have a minimum value.
  • Corrected an error that was sometimes causing number fields to clear themselves when Multi-part Forms is active.
  • The rich text editor in the form builder should now wrap lines while in code view.
  • The form selector on the submissions page should now be visible on mobile devices.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused CSV exports to have multiple header rows.

Add-on Updates

Like the core plugin, we’re working to make your integrations and add-ons better every day. Here are some highlights from that process this month.

If you are curious about all the changes in a particular add-on, you can always visit the specific add-on’s product page and view the changelog.

New Content

A rich, thriving community of users is no small part of what makes WordPress the world’s greatest CMS. Contributing to that community as and how we can is important to us- we grow only as we all grow. We’ve been ramping up our content production as a centerpiece of that effort in an attempt to provide useful news, tips, and advice to those who can use it. Here’s what we’ve published this month, and keep an eye out for plenty more in the future. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

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Big wheel keep on turnin’….

We’ll be bringing you a new monthly review towards the end of each month. Check back with us to see what we’re up to on the regular! You can also sign up for our newsletter below and not only keep abreast of what’s happened, but teasers of what’s to come!