Ninja Forms Version 2.8 Released – Notifcations

As many of you are aware we changed the way we work on various releases. We ad had a grand vision of releasing version 3.0 with all kind of major upgrades. The problem was getting them all completed at the same time meant innovation had halted. Starting with version 2.7 we began focussing on theses specific upgrades, starting with overhauling submissions. The 2.7 release was very successful and we expect the same with this latest release.

Ninja Forms version 2.8 was all about notifications. We wanted them to be easier to set up, more flexible for any possible use case, and more powerful for developers. We believe 2.8 delivers on all of the above. Check out the video below for an overview of the changes you can find in version 2.8 and also feel free to browse the new documentation for notifications.

IMPORTANT SECURITY RELEASE: Version 2.8 fixes a minor security issue that could allow non-admins and other forms to delete Ninja Forms. This won’t affect all users, but we encourage everyone to update.