Ninja Forms THREE Extensions Development Master List

UPDATE 9/07: Ninja Forms 3.0 is live! Work has now begun on upgrading the remainder of our extensions that didn’t make it onto the list of 16 launch day add-ons. It is our goal to have each and every extension upgraded to 3.0 compatibility no later than the end of 2016. For a full list of 3.0 compatible extensions, please visit our Ninja Forms product page.

We’re leaving this post live and updating it regularly for you until the last extension is complete. However, please be aware that this is a tentative road map, and extensions will be moving both forward and backwards on it as a normal part of the development process.

We get asked frequently about which of our extensions have been updated to be Ninja Forms THREE compatible, which ones are we working on next, etc. Given that, we thought it would be a good idea to have a reference post dedicated to Ninja Forms THREE extensions. This is that post! We’ll be updating this as development continues. Check back here any time to see where we’re at!

We’ve posted already on how we’re releasing and the rationale behind that process. We’ve also discussed how we will be handling backwards compatibility. We thank you for your patience and are thrilled at the prospect of  having each and every 3.0 compatible add-on available to you asap!