Newsletters and Ninja Forms: Start Building Mailing Lists Through Ninja Forms Today!

If you could increase profit with little to no spending, would you do it? Of course you would. Email marketing is a way to do just that. Increase your business’ reach, establish and maintain a relationship with your customers, keep deals and events fresh on their minds, track and measure the effectiveness of your sales initiatives, and more! If you haven’t tried creating a mailing list to reach out to your customers from, or are on the fence about how effective or efficient to implement it might be, this article’s for you!

We’ll look below at the pros of email marketing, the benefits you’ll receive from integration of that service with your WordPress forms, and the means of integration that Ninja Forms offers you. Get ready to ramp up your sales with Ninja Forms!

Why Email Marketing?

Why Not Social Media?

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That’s where the public’s attention is trending more and more is it not? Yes, yes it is. The last decade + has seen social media participation soar. That fact alone does not mean that social media should be the primary means that you use to generate interest in your business, though. They are two very different mediums. Let’s look at some numbers.

  • Customer Acquisition: Research on the US market by McKinsey & Company shows new customer acquisition by email sits at 7%, while numbers for Facebook and Twitter are below 1%.[1]
  • Conversion Rate: Email marketing is almost 5x more effective than social marketing for conversion.[2]
  • Quality of Referrals: Average number of pages viewed by a visitor after clicking through to you from an email are almost 2x that of social media links.[2]
  • Audience size and activity: Email accounts outnumber social media accounts 3:1, and emails sent per day outnumber Facebook posts and Twitter tweets by a whopping 441:1![3]

Social media and the impact it can make for your business shouldn’t be ignored, but social media campaigns are simply not as effective in driving sales as email marketing.

Countering “Conventional Wisdom”

tombstone_by_angielynch-d4d9frzThere’s a common mentality that most consumers see promotional email as spam, junk, or general annoyance. That certainly may be the case for some, and that’s why there ought to be a prominent unsubscribe feature in every newsletter. That concept as a general consensus among consumers couldn’t be farther from reality, however. Recent research, such as Marketing Sherpa’s, show that more than 85% of consumers want to receive promotional emails as frequently as once a month![4]

Why Integrate Your Newsletters with Ninja Forms?

Most good email marketing plugins are going to come with a stock form that you can implement on your website for the purpose of gathering leads and addresses. Why not just use that? What benefit do you get from integration with Ninja Forms?  Let’s take a look.

    1. The design of your form is the most critical factor in conversion. There’s quite a volume of articles on addressing form design and conversion that you should leaf through for specifics at some point soon. Using a generic form is going to give you generic conversion numbers, bottom line.
    2. Ninja Forms makes signup streamlined and simple. Integrating with Ninja Forms means your newsletter signup isn’t limited to a standalone form solely for that purpose. Include an option for signup with any form anywhere on your website! Make it an option at checkout, registration, or wherever traffic flows.
  1. Automated double opt-ins. Because you only want your newsletter sent to recipients who want them, and accidental signups can spike your chances of being flagged as a spam sender, a double opt in process is vital to the health of your newsletter. Ninja Forms extensions like MailChimp for Ninja Forms automates this process so that you never have to keep up with who has received a first touch only and who is ready to be added to your regular mailing list.
  2. Get smart with Ninja Forms. Present signup options only when appropriate and timely using our Conditional Logic extension. Hide your signup fields until your visitor is ready for them, making your form shorter and easier to digest from the beginning and more likely to be filled out. As your mailing lists grow, you’ll want to begin differentiating the material that goes out to different groups, targeting specific segments of your audience with material best suited to them. Streamline your signup options by offering only the best content to the right audience.
  3. Convenience and flexibility. Map your form field data to merge with your mailing lists. Collecting name and email in the form means it’s in your list. Zero hassle populating your lists from your forms.

What Email Marketing Integration Does Ninja Forms Offer?

Hopefully this has established that integration is the way to go. It really does make life easier for you and offers a better quality of communication with your readers. So that being said, what can Ninja Forms do for you?

We offer 6 different email marketing extensions that work for experienced marketers and novices alike. We also offer Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs), which become extremely useful to further organize and automate your services as your lists grow. For the entry level marketer however, one of the following 7 options would more than sufficient to get yourself started. Without further ado, our extensions:

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  1. MailChimp
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. AWeber
  5. MailPoet
  6. Mad Mimi
  7. Emma
  8. CleverReach
  9. EmailOctopus
  10. ConvertKit
  11. Active Campaign

There really is no substitution for good communication. For those serious about growing your business, reaching out to your customers, keeping them in the loop, letting them know that you are active, innovating, and there for them is a must. Despite great strides in the reach of social media, email marketing remains the most effective way to reach out, and integrating your email marketing efforts within your Ninja Forms helps you reach the potential of your marketing efforts. We’re proud to offer the extensions that give you that capability and wish you the best in all your efforts!

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