What New Features are About to Sneak into Your Dashboard?

The times they are a changin’… fantastic new features are just over the horizon!

You might not have seen a lot of life from us lately, other than regular updates trickling through your dashboard. Some of you have asked us lately about all the updates that don’t make much if any of a visual/functional change… Did we all sneak off somewhere and set the plugin on update autopilot? I mean, we are ninjas… but no 🙂

Rest assured that we are all present and accounted for, and all those updates weren’t just bug fixes. They’ve been structural updates to the core of the plugin. The end result of which are some really cool new features coming to your favorite form builder very soon!

We’ve spent the last few months putting a groundwork in place for an exciting near future of new features!

Our engineering team has been bunkered down behind closed doors the past couple of months, tackling the monumental task of rewriting the way Ninja Forms interacts with the WordPress database. It’s been a delicate, piecemeal project that’s finally done and live. You just can’t see any of it. Why’d we go to the trouble for something you can’t see?

Shiny new things, of course. Not just shiny, but features that you’ve long been requesting, features that will help you serve your users better. Features that will make your life creating forms easier. We just needed to get some groundwork laid to implement them properly. That’s done now, and here’s a preview of what you have to look forward to!

Here’s what’s brand new or coming soon to Ninja Forms!

Through your feedback and and our team’s brainstorming, we’ve identified a host of new features we want to add to the plugin. Both to core, and new add-ons.

Now that we’re done setting getting a proper foundation in place, we’ve already started rolling out new features, and there are more in the works right now. Here’s a preview!

Realistic Fields (Live!)

This one’s live now, as of v3.4.9. If you haven’t updated in a bit, do it now! We promise, you can see the difference this time 🙂

Realistic Fields displays your form as it will look to your users as you’re building the form out in the dashboard. See what your form looks like in realtime as it’s being built!

Post multiples of the same form on the same page

This has been a pain in your posterior for a long time. Because of the way Ninja Forms interacted with the database, it hasn’t been possible previously to pull in 2 copies of the same form on the same page. One just wouldn’t display and you get that annoying spinning circle.

When originally designing the form builder, we didn’t think there would be a lot of demand for this. We were wrong. You’ve asked, we’ve listened, it’s almost live. This is currently in active development and will be live in the near future.

Public forms

Your voice matters. What new features do you want to see in the future of Ninja Forms?

Your voice matters! What new features do you want to see in the future of Ninja Forms?Click To Tweet

Don’t want to build out a whole new page just for a form to live on? Want a clean, focused landing page to send people to that only displays your form? We’ve had many requests for this, and it’s soon to go live.

Public forms offers less maintenance on your end and a distraction-free experience on your users’ end. Build a form out normally, enable this new feature on that form, and you’ll be able to share a link out that will display the form without it ever being publicly published. Currently in active development.

Your voice matters. What new features do you want to see?

This is not a platitude! Every last one of the features above are being built because enough of you requested it. We really want to know what other new features you want and need. We have some really crafty, creative folks dreaming up new features every day. But at the end of the day, that’s just us, in our bubbles. You use Ninja Forms every day. Tell us what you’d love to see int he future of Ninja Forms!

Comments are below! What can we build for you next?