Easily create Multi-Part Forms in Just 3 Steps!

Have a long form that’s just not getting filled out as much as you’d like? It’s a common problem with an easy solution!

Have you ever been filling out some information online and had the thought, “This is so long! When is this going to end?” Having people complete your forms is incredibly important to a business, but long, intimidating forms will turn a lot of people away. A great solution to boost the number of people completing your forms is to make them bite-size, multi-part forms!

It doesn’t take a tech person to create beautiful forms laid out over several pages. Lets take a look at how you can easily create multipart forms in WordPress in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Making pages is as easy as clicking a button

First, you will need to download and install the Multi-Part Forms add-on. This will add a new button to your form builder window’s that will allow you to segment your forms into parts. Installing and activating the plugin is all the set up you need before your ready to make a Multi-part form!

As you begin adding fields to a new form, you’ll see a little grey circle/+ button appear on your form. Click that button anytime, and a new page is created. “+” turns into “>”, and you can now navigate between pages! If you open any existing form, you’ll also see the “+” button now, letting you turn any existing form into a multi-part!

add pages to any form just by clicking the + button on any page

Step 2: Build out your pages simply by dragging and dropping fields!

Once you have a page or two added to your form, you’ll see options to navigate backwards through the form “<“, forwards through the form “>”. You’ll also see tabs at the bottom of the form that will let you click directly to any page.

Fields can be dragged and dropped to any of these buttons, easily moving fields in between form pages. You can even reorder pages by dragging and dropping the parts tabs at the bottom.

gif of dragging and dropping fields between pages in a multi-part form

Step 3: Easily add navigation options your users, part titles, validate by part, and more

Once your are happy with your form and its parts, select the Advanced tab and choose Multi-Part. This will allow you to control what the users sees as the form is being filled out. It’s ridiculously easy to:

  • Add breadcrumb navigation throughout the form
  • Add a progress bar
  • Display part titles
  • Change the Next/Previous button text
  • Set the form to validate by part, displaying errors on Next instead of waiting for Submit

advanced features add navigation and quality of life features for users of your multi-part form

It doesn't take a tech person to create beautiful forms laid out over several pages. Come see how you can easily create multipart forms in WordPress in just 3 easy steps!Click To Tweet

With these 3 steps, you’ll be building multi-part forms like a pro in no time!

It doesn’t take a skilled developer or coder to build beautiful, complex forms in WordPress. All you need is a good form builder and and the ability to point a mouse at things. It’s really that easy!

Comments are below! Questions? What else would you like to see in a multi-part form builder?